Off to a few open houses

Hope springs eternal and there are a couple of new listings on today that might be of interest to current or even – who knows? – new clients. I remain unimpressed with home owner’s estimation of value but at least I can store their homes in my memory bank so that I won’t have to revisit next year, when they get real.

Yet another advantage of my new truck is that it gets even worse mileage than my Accord, so I’m not even tempted to drive out to the outer fringes of town to look at overpriced homes.Eco-nuts would surely approve: I’m lowering my carbon footprint and eating local.


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6 responses to “Off to a few open houses

  1. Pray it works

    Just placed an order for 10 saints—-I have a few neighbors I’d like to see move out if the area.

  2. anonymous

    was 26 North on the list today? By Raveis website, it is a new listing. Looks like a great old home with lots of land but the listing says “PENDING LOT RECONFIRMATION ABUTTING PARCEL FOR SALE TOO”. Does that mean this lovely back yard is about to be gone?

    • Yes. Sellers often do this without adjusting their asking price to reflect that the desirability and hence value of one large lot is greater than that of two tiny lots; merely dividing a price by two doesn’t necessarily work, especially in a neighborhood like this one where large lots are so rare and postage stamp lots are a dime a dozen.

  3. anonymous

    darn: I asked and answered my own question by looking up the second MLS# on the listing. The back lot to this gorgeous home is for sale at $1.5m which must mean the owner of the house is giving the right of way in their own driveway? How does this all work?

  4. anonymous

    Have you seen this house? I looked at in on Bing maps and darned if I can see how a new house could be placed behind #26 without taking away ALL the value of #26. And the poor house to the left of 26. The lot is actually more behind it than 26. Can’t these sellers be arrested? It’s a crime they are carving out land.