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No action this week, except for one real and two silly price cuts

Of the two silly ones, which aren’t even worth giving their addresses, one cut from $3 million to $2.895 and the other from $4.990 to $4.849. I’m familiar with both properties and believe me, any potential buyers for them have already discounted them far more than this. Waste of time.

10 Hurlingham Drive

The significant price cut, in my opinion, is 10 Hurlingham Drive, up in Conyers Farm, which yesterday asked $5.995 and today wants just $5.250 million. Original price earlier this year was $6.495 so these sellers are whacking pretty large chunks from their price, so far without success.

I think there’s some value here, especially considering that almost everything else in Conyers starts around $10 million. Built in 1990, it’s still in good shape but could definitely use some major updating. The master bedroom’s on the first floor, which isn’t popular, but there’s an easy fix for that upstairs and the original lower one would make an incredible guest suite, if one were wanted, or turned to some other use.

The land, listed as 13-acres plus, is kind of sketchy – most of the yard is in front and to the side while the back yard sports a nice pool before dropping off the cliff this was built on and disappearing into a forest of swamp and trees. But there are stone walls in those woods, so there were meadows there once (farmers didn’t build stone walls in woods) and if Conyers Farms’ governing board will let you, you could greatly expand your open space.

But jeeze, 9,000 sq.ft (above ground – the basement is minimal) in Conyers Farms for, probably, under $5 million? That strikes me as an attractive deal, for someone.


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Right spirit, but that’s not a GPD patrol car, so no donut for you!

Kerry Kennedy’s ambien squad

A reader sends along this fine photograph of some town’s finest sleeping off a meal of a couple of dozen cinnamon rolls, extra size, extra icing, but they aren’t on our payroll so he, and you, will have to keep trying. You know they’re out there, you see them every day! Try Cos Cob, over at Fudrucker’s place, where they meet to remember gunpowder, treason and plot.


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That was quick

Mummy’s Realtor made me wear these!

42 Mead Avenue, Cos Cob, reported just yesterday as having an accepted offer, is now listed as “returned to market”, with all history of the accepted offer wiped from GAR records. I wonder, given the home’s proximity to I-95, whether the would-be buyer revisited the place today only this time without ear muffs?

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Everyone’s got an iphone these days, so send in those pictures

Great idea from a reader who I’m assuming wishes to remain anonymous (and if not, let me know, because I’d be glad to acknowledge your genius).

just came back from ogrcc … a little exercise for the dog… and for the third time this week, a town truck with two employees was ‘hidden’ behind the building for an hour, engine running, doing nothing.  plate # 109 GW…  might be a good feature of your blog to have ‘men at work — not’ with either photos or sightings of non-working greenwich employees.  with the terrible employee supervision in town, the eyes of your readers might result in some minor improvement over time… or maybe even shame the town in getting half a day’s work for a day’s high pay.  but get a food taster and remote starter for your car.


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The Ten Commandments, 21st Century version

Holy Moses, that’s mean!

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife’s vibrator. Colorado man breaks into house next door, steals sex toys.


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How about a last sale price to latest asking price ratio?

145 Porchuck Road sold for $3.1 million in 2006, came back on at $2.5 in 2001, dropped to $2.3, rose (duh) to $2.4, then disappeared briefly before resurfacing today at $2.3 again. I don’t know if that figure will prove the charm now, when it failed in May of last year, but sooner or lower …


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Hopelessness, but change

US labor force participation drops to lowest level since 1981. The unemployment rate is reported as falling because of this huge drop in people still seeking work yet the media will doubtless lead with the lower unemployment number brought about by Obama. Bloomberg (News, not the soda Czar) might disagree:

Employers may be reluctant to expand headcounts as they face a global economic slowdown and the so-called fiscal cliff of automatic tax increases and government spending cuts. The damage inflicted by the lack of progress on jobs is the reason Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke last week said the central bank may need to do more.

“This is definitely a setback for the labor market and the economy,” said Michael Feroli, chief U.S. economist at JPMorgan Chase & Co. in New York and former economist for the Fed. “This clearly validates Bernanke’s concern. We haveEurope, the fiscal cliff, and it is a generally cautious business environment.”

I didn’t watch it, but I assume Mr. Obama demanded for more years of his ineptitude in his acceptance speech last night because of the fine job he’s done in the first four.


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