How about a last sale price to latest asking price ratio?

145 Porchuck Road sold for $3.1 million in 2006, came back on at $2.5 in 2001, dropped to $2.3, rose (duh) to $2.4, then disappeared briefly before resurfacing today at $2.3 again. I don’t know if that figure will prove the charm now, when it failed in May of last year, but sooner or lower …


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8 responses to “How about a last sale price to latest asking price ratio?

  1. Lover of old houses

    Hi, is there a typo in the first sentence? After this house sold for $3.1 million in 2006, you say it came back on at $2.5 in 2001. Was the 2001 supposed to say 2010 or something?

  2. Anonymous

    Chris, have you seen the house? It took forever but I finally found the records under 461 Riversville Rd. The yard looks lovely, large, and private but maybe not too quiet since it sits on the corner of Riversville and Porchuck. Did they remodel all of the charm out of this 1934 house because the pictures don’t seem to show much that proves its provenance.

  3. Anonymous

    Ah, never mind, I zoomed out of the map and see that it lines up with the runways at HPN. I guess road noise is the least of their worries.

  4. anonymous

    Strangely charmless.

  5. Anonymous

    Yes this was a remodel. Formerly a cape with its driveway on Riversville. It maybe a short sale candidate.

  6. Anonymous

    This property was a renovation/expansion of a small 2bdrm cape in 1995. It sold for 445K in 94 and after the redo sold for 1.325M.
    The new entrance on the south side is beautiful as is the 2 story livingroom in the expansion. The connection to older portion is strange and older rooms small in today’s market. But seriously overpriced. Could go for half current asking.