No action this week, except for one real and two silly price cuts

Of the two silly ones, which aren’t even worth giving their addresses, one cut from $3 million to $2.895 and the other from $4.990 to $4.849. I’m familiar with both properties and believe me, any potential buyers for them have already discounted them far more than this. Waste of time.

10 Hurlingham Drive

The significant price cut, in my opinion, is 10 Hurlingham Drive, up in Conyers Farm, which yesterday asked $5.995 and today wants just $5.250 million. Original price earlier this year was $6.495 so these sellers are whacking pretty large chunks from their price, so far without success.

I think there’s some value here, especially considering that almost everything else in Conyers starts around $10 million. Built in 1990, it’s still in good shape but could definitely use some major updating. The master bedroom’s on the first floor, which isn’t popular, but there’s an easy fix for that upstairs and the original lower one would make an incredible guest suite, if one were wanted, or turned to some other use.

The land, listed as 13-acres plus, is kind of sketchy – most of the yard is in front and to the side while the back yard sports a nice pool before dropping off the cliff this was built on and disappearing into a forest of swamp and trees. But there are stone walls in those woods, so there were meadows there once (farmers didn’t build stone walls in woods) and if Conyers Farms’ governing board will let you, you could greatly expand your open space.

But jeeze, 9,000 sq.ft (above ground – the basement is minimal) in Conyers Farms for, probably, under $5 million? That strikes me as an attractive deal, for someone.


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21 responses to “No action this week, except for one real and two silly price cuts

  1. anonymous

    house looks cold and austere to me. devoid of any front plantings; all hardscape, with what looks like red stone in the driveway. no shade and all hardscape around the pool too. the heat that comes off all that must be horrific on a day like today. value schmalue, no thank you.

  2. Anonymous

    Looks like Riverside Elementary School.

  3. Fred2

    “house looks cold and austere to me” etc….

    I’d disagree, it’s not a “warm comfy house” and though not to my personal taste, at least from the pic’s, it is a surprisingly nice, though elegant & formal looking place.

    It’s not horribly out of scale in some weird way. The proportions look quite classical 18th century. A little too much landscaping I think, but tastes differ in that regard.

    Good lord, an architect who wasn’t a horses behind.

  4. There will be action next week. Ruth Jones distressed homes auction begins on the 11th off the steps of the Bridgeport court house

  5. dogwalker

    Anonymous beat me to it . . . looks like an Eisenhower era school building.

  6. Anonymous

    Seems stupid cheap for 13 aces in CF. There has to be something wrong with it.

    • Well as I mentioned, most of that land is way below the house (the house seems to have built into a hill) and is woods with large wetlands on the southern half, so there’s not much usable land (to anyone who doesn’t enjoy hiking in the woods, that is – I think it’s just fine). If I were building here I’d have moved the house forward, closer to the road so as to have a real backyard but someone obviously wanted something else.

  7. Inagua

    Teri – Thanks for the update. This might be the best resolution for Ruth Jones. She has wasted three years trying to hang onto properties she no longer has any equity in. When the properties are finally gone, she can get discharged from bankruptcy, and get on with her life. She is apparently an uncommonly succesful broker, surely earning several hundred thousand a year. That is a great basis to rebuild a life from. She might have to rent; she might have to get by without the Bentley; but can start earning and saving again without the legal deadaches. BTW, is the husband still in the picture?

  8. DollarBill

    Normally this would be called a crime but for some reason it isn’t…

    The article doesn’t even mention prosecutions. Nobody cares.

  9. Libertarian Advocate

    Holy Shit… Something DB and I agree on. Alas, their remedy is only in the civil courts. But the damages could be HUGE.

  10. Shoeless


    Who is in charge of Treasury, DOJ, etc? Who appointed those folks? The Randbots? Tea Baggers?

    Oh, that’s right, the messiah oversees those departments. He must be too busy saving the world, golfing and campaigning to devote any efforts to this incident.

  11. Where'd the Buck Stop?

    Abu Ghraib

  12. AJ

    DB is right on that one. When you break into someone’s house and take all their stuff you should go to jail. If I were a judge I’d say nothing less than a billion dollar judgement would do. Even a $200 million fine is just a slap on the wrist to these too big to fail banks. What they need is to have their teeth kicked in, not a slap on the wrist. Time for somebody to give the big banks a wake up call instead of more free, out of thin air money.

    As far as 10 Hurlingham having no back yard, neither does Anselmo’s place which drops off steeply starting right at the back of the house. The back yard is very disappointing and kind of a shock compared to the front yard, but at leat the house does have an elevator for those who are too fat and lazy to use the stairs.

  13. Inagua -Ruth husband has been sick with (cancer I think) for a long time. From what I understand he’s not able to be an ecomonic help. I don’t believe he lives in the Beacon Hill home
    The trutee actually didn’t pay the Bentley car payment so it’s gone. I haven’t seen her drive this year at all.
    And yes you are right Ruth is still successfully selling million dollar homes

  14. This looks like the house of a candidate for U.S. Senate…

  15. Anonymous

    Do you know the addresses of the ruth jone auction properties?

  16. Shoeless – For a retail screw up like that, the homeowner would be better off going through the racist Randbots and tea baggers in the California AG’s office and the state banking regulator. Oh wait, CA’s state government is completely controlled by…never mind.

    Bill – We’re still waiting for your defense of Medicaid as the model for government run health care. And wasn’t that some employment report, yowza! The Obama economic magic will surely kick in any decade now.

  17. AJ

    Shoeless makes a good point. The Pres had no problem injecting himself into the Trayvon Martin case, fomenting racial tensions before anyone even knew if it had anything to do with racism. And he had no problem standing in that Reno Nevada’s, if I remember correctly, underwater homeowner’s driveway who didn’t borrow against his house foolishly but instead borrowed a foolish amount against his house for “business purposes”. You all remember that Youtube video where he tripped and stumbled over his words without the aid of a teleprompter to a crowd of about a dozen people. Apparently this case just doesn’t jive with his “whatever the big banks want” agenda.

  18. Shoeless

    If I had a son, he’d look like a desert adobe ranch…….

  19. Anon

    It looks like good value.