Right spirit, but that’s not a GPD patrol car, so no donut for you!

Kerry Kennedy’s ambien squad

A reader sends along this fine photograph of some town’s finest sleeping off a meal of a couple of dozen cinnamon rolls, extra size, extra icing, but they aren’t on our payroll so he, and you, will have to keep trying. You know they’re out there, you see them every day! Try Cos Cob, over at Fudrucker’s place, where they meet to remember gunpowder, treason and plot.


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4 responses to “Right spirit, but that’s not a GPD patrol car, so no donut for you!

  1. GPD Folk

    Forget it Chris…It’s Chinatown!

  2. AJ

    As with all things, this is just another example of a balance in nature. Those fat-ass donut eaters maybe wasting your money now, but they’ll save you some on the back end by dying early and saving pension dollars that would have been spent. On the plus side, for cops that is, a thick layer of blubber is almost as good as a bullet proof vest. Just ask 500 pound Lucchese Capo Peter Chiodo, who was shot twelve times but was saved by his fat.

  3. This must be a joke stock photo, right?

  4. AJ

    On the subject of law, not law enforcement, here are two stories that a lawyer might enjoy:

    The man who’s suing for damages done from eating popcorn — popcorn lung http://denver.cbslocal.com/2012/09/05/king-soopers-strikes-back-in-popcorn-lung-lawsuit/

    And the story of how certain numbers will not be be tolerated in school. That’s right, two plus two does not equal four — that is a politically incorrect number and is verboten http://denver.cbslocal.com/2012/09/06/school-tells-greeley-boy-to-take-off-manning-jersey/