InstaPundit posts this question and depressing answer from John Hindraker

JOHN HINDERAKER ASKS: Why Is This Election Even Close? “On paper, given Obama’s record, this election should be a cakewalk for the Republicans. Why isn’t it? I am afraid the answer may be that the country is closer to the point of no return than most of us believed. With over 100 million Americans receiving federal welfare benefits, millions more going on Social Security disability, and many millions on top of that living on entitlement programs–not to mention enormous numbers of public employees–we may have gotten to the point where the government economy is more important, in the short term, than the real economy.”



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  1. Walt

    Dude –
    Do you really not know the answer to this question? You frigging dingleberry!! It is close because of White Guilt. YES THAT IS RIGHT I SAID IT!!

    Obama is a frigging IDIOT!! Not because he is black, but because he has no experience. He can’t find his black ass with both hands. I could care less about his color. He is a moron. Other than that I like him.

    We need a leader. I don’t care if he, or she, is green, blue, black or yellow. Although a yellow little Mama San, who talks dirty to me, and ruvs me rong time would have an edge. What can I say? I am shallow and proud of it.

    Anyhows, Barry is a Commie. YES HE IS!! Look at his history. We should be ashamed of electing him as POTUS. He despises all this country stands for.

    So let’s vote him out, and hope he hasn’t already driven us to the point of no return.
    Brunch tomorrow?
    Your Pal,

  2. Al Dente

    Rush Limbaugh said something like “We can deal with Obama. What we have a problem with is the people who would actually re-elect him.”
    I think he’s right.

  3. AJ

    Why is this election even close? The answer is simple: because the Republicans took the opportunity of a lifetime, the opportunity to be courageous, true John Wayne American heros and pissed on it and flushed it down the toilet; because they even refused to follow their own rules, and they turned their backs on the enthusiasm that could have taken them to a landslide victory:

    …Meanwhile in “freedom and democracy” america, at their Tampa, Florida, nominating convention, the Republican Party showed its true colors. It is a Brownshirt Party.

    The tyrannical Republican machine refused to allow Ron Paul’s name to be mentioned or his delegate count to be presented.

    Reports from the Republican nomination convention read like reports of Stalin’s takeover of the Communist Party or the Nazi takeover of the German state. Rules adopted at the convention eliminate any grass roots input. The Republican politburo is supreme. The party is subservient, and the members’ voices are eliminated. Mimicking Lenin, the Republicans declared that Republican rule “means neither more nor less than unlimited power, resting directly on force, not limited by anything, not restricted by any laws, nor any absolute rules. Nothing else but that.”

    As Mother Jones reported, Ron Paul supporters shouted from the convention floor, “Fuck You, Tyrants!” …

    Or: …In Tampa the Republicans wrote off the Ron Paul vote, because they are enamored of power and its gratuitous demonstration. Can people so desirous of power and the thrill of its use be trusted to let go of power when they lose the next election? There are enough presidential executive orders and national security orders, even some signed by the Democrat Obama, that any president can assert them and refuse to face election.

    Once Rome accepted Julius Caesar’s coup, the Roman Republic was gone. Those who tried to save the Roman Republic by assassinating Caesar failed, because the majority of the legions had gone over to the dictatorship, which promised them more money than the Republic had. Caesar’s name became the title for Rome’s dictators…

    …The operative question was obvious: How can the American people trust the Republicans with the awesome power of the executive branch when the Republican Party just finished demonstrating for all to see its Stalinist qualities by crushing the anti-war, anti-police state wing of its party?

    The authoritarianism was gratuitous. Romney had a sufficient number of delegates to be nominated. It would have cost Romney nothing to follow the rules and allow Ron Paul to be placed in nomination and his delegate numbers to be reported. Instead, Romney wrote off the liberty contingent of the Republican Party. The Brownshirts demonstrated their power….

    In the mean time the Libertarian Party ain’t going nowhere; they’re not gaining any traction, and they never have been able to. The Republicans can still easily cruise to a landslide victory if they decide to embrace the Ron Paulians and their philosopy. In the meantime it’s time to start thinking about forming a new party, a liberty party with a simple and eay to understand platform: the plain and simple, easy to understand, anyone can read it in no time document, the Declaration of independence.

  4. Anonymous

    Ron Paul was unelectable, the Dems took him out in 2008, maybe even as far back as 2004 when they found and distributed his old newsletters. Misrepresented or not, the media crucified him as a racist.

    If you’d like to see more brown shirt activity of a scarier persuasion (IMO, only), watch this:

  5. Wall Street not Main Street

    ” We may have gotten to the point where a Govt economy is more important in the short term than the real economy”

    Er, you mean the govt supported wall street economy. these 100 million Americans on some form of welfare support have still gotten far less than what Wall Street/ Private ” too big to fail” banks got when they were bailed out.
    The election is close because the Republicans selected a ” Switcheroo Turncoat” as their candidate, who had already lost to John McCain 4 years ago, whose main redeeming feature is to say anything that people want hear, has never stood for anything and actually fought for it, except for his own Romneycare in Massachusetts, and he doesn’t want to own that either!

  6. anonymous

    I’ll second AJ’s comment that the Repubs are dropping the ball. They have so many opportunities to bring the case home that Obama is a liar but they are too busy speaking in platitudes. Substance substance substance. My best friend and I were chatting about this yesterday and she, an Independent who has voted on both sides of the aisle, Obama in 2008 but is very much unhappy with him now but can’t stand Romney. She said in an email to me “I never thought that Romney could beat Obama and that seems infinitely clear to me.” I think her sentiment is the majority. Gallop poll is indicating Obama got a bump after the convention; Romney did not. It’s going to be a loooonnng next 60 days.

  7. AJ

    Anonymous @ 8:52, I think you have stumbled upon how the next president is going to be selected, er, I mean elected. ‘Tis a beauty contest to see who can be the most pliable bitch.

  8. And just today on Meet the Press Romney said no, he would not repeal Obamacare, there are many things he wants to keep. Another switcheroo. Obama will bury him in the debates….for the love of God, does he stand for anything????

    • I can think of just three principled politicians of modern vintage, James Buckley, Ronald Reagan and Daniel Patrick Monyihan. The first was defeated, the latter two are dead.

  9. Inagua

    “…does he stand for anything????”

    Yes, personal ambition and the Mormon Church.

  10. Bob: I didn’t see the MTP but what rumblings I heard post-interview were complimentary, even from YIKES, the NYT,who felt that Romney was aiming at “emergence of a less openly partisan, more general-election-oriented Republican nominee, who is intent on appealing to middle-of-the-road voters who have not yet made up their minds.”
    That’s not a bad thing.

  11. Inagua

    Chris – You are wrong about Moynihan. He talked a good game, but he always voted down the line liberal. He even voted against Clinton’s welfare reform bill.

    There have been many principled politicians in modern times. I will cite just three to make the point — Goldwater, Ron Paul, and my personal favorite Indiania Congressman Mike Pence. Pence voted against all the Bush blunders –the Iraq War, Medicare Part D, NCLB, the two stimulus bills, TARP and the auto loans. He will make an excellent governor of Indiana when he is elected this November.

  12. Football Over Politics

    Now that football season has started, I have something to talk about other than politics. But to your question, “Why is this Election even Close”, the University of Colorado did a study that predicts a Romney landslide and their predictions have been right since 1980. Go Eagles!

    • If Romney wins I’ll rent a bug screen television just so I can watch and hear the weeping and gnashing of teeth in media land. Hell, I might even buy one and keep it to watch the Boston College Eagles, as you suggest.

  13. Inagua

    Romney’s chances are slim to none. Demographics, not issues, decide modern elections. Cokie Roberts says that the electorate is now 28% non-White. These people all vote Democratic by lop-sided margins. When you add in Jews, it gets even worse. Cokie Roberts says Obama can win with only 38% of the White vote.

  14. Good point, Inagua. Why the GOP does not even try to reach out to others is beyond me. Pat Buchanan’s last book argued that the GOP should double down, and win now with the “old white guy” vote, and not worry about the future. He got canned, and that is exactly what Romney is trying to do. Not going to work, especially with a weak candidate with no core beliefs. Just saw Ryan and Romney avoiding talk on their economic plans by refusing to discuss what deductions they will limit. Not only is this a lack of leadership, it is embarrassing.

  15. FF

    Inagua is right. Blacks constitute 12% of the population and a recent poll showed Romney with 0%! Romney spit back some of the stupider immigration/Latino issues of the reactionary right to show he had some cojones. Result, Hispanics vote Obama 68-20 in that 8% of the population. Jews, many of whom I have heard are white, represent 4% of the population and skew BArry 65-30. Mitt winds up with about 6 votes of 25% of the population coming out of the gate. Ergo, he loses. Of course, these unfortunate minorities have one thing in common with the lamented, unheard white man, and that they are, um, American citizens with that pesky vote equal to all others. Mitt’s given up on Penn and Wisconsin, and the math says he needs 100% o the remaining swing states to winby 2 electoral votes. I suppose its because he’s not a true conservative, and that if he had doubled down abortion, hugged the Ryan budget, and ……well, you get it. There are 60 days left, and Saul Alinsky could arise from the grave to talk about the real conspiracy in Hawaii from 1962, but likely Romney loses and the right goes into existential mayhem. While you guys are at it, please remember to clean up after yourself

  16. anon

    Bob A and Inagua are missing one major factor in this election. The demographics may be there but will they vote? The passion that drove ’08 is gone. The students aren’t excited about Obama like they were in ’08 either. So that leaves middle age white folk who detest Obama and they will go vote.

    • Why do you think the Democrats are so desperate to bar voter id laws? There aren’t many illegal Republicans to cart off to the polls but the barrios are chock-full of Obama votes.

  17. Inagua

    Bob A – It is too late for Republicans to reach out to Hispanics. That chance ended in 1994 when California Republcan governor Pete Wilson championed a law which cut off illegals from all state services, including schools.

  18. DollarBill

    CF, if voters reliably voted Republican, believe you me, Republicans would be passing laws to make voting easier, not harder, and they’d be registering voters at Wal Mart!. But Americans don’t subscribe to their reactionary politics, and we don’t vote at Wal Mart. Republicans want to cheat, and voter ID laws are all about making it harder for traditionally Democratic constituences (the “wrong people”) to vote. You know that as well as anybody. Voter ID is all about voter suppression, not about preventing nonexistent voter fraud

  19. Anon58

    Are the “capitalists” on Wall Street included in the 100 million receiving welfare benefits?

  20. Balzac

    AJ: your rant is …. well all I can get out of it is that you like Ron Paul, who probably has some good ideas, which he presents in a flaky manner. Like all third-party, non-major candidates, Ron Paul can screw up the chances of success for realistic Republican politicians who actually might win.

    Remember William Buckley’s principle: vote for the most conservative candidate who actually has a realistic chance to win. This common sense principle eliminates Ron Paul.

    Mr. Hinderaker and all the people at are brilliant. But the reason this election is close is that the media is SO busted. The normal American voter reading the average American newspaper or watching network TV is like a minnow swimming in an all-liberal sea, decade in, decade out. Tim Groseclose showed statistically that political reporters are far more liberal than the two most liberal US Congresssional districts: Berkeley and Cambridge. People there are flakes. Well the political reporters are more liberal than the residents of those districts.

    Please try this thought experiment. If our political news were reported by an evangelical conservative from Midland, TX, all of whose family were active hunters employed in the oil & gas industry, what would our news be like? Well, flip that 180 degrees and you have: the USA in 2012!

    Until we identify the bias and combat it, proper ideas (the ideas of liberty, responsibility and prosperity derived from our founders and our Constitution) will struggle to win a majority, even in years when it ought to be easy, like 2012.

  21. hmmm

    All mitt has to do is win the states with republican governors….

    He wins by a landslide….

  22. Inagua

    “Remember William Buckley’s principle: vote for the most conservative candidate who actually has a realistic chance to win.”

    I prefer Robert Heinlein’s approach, “There may be no candidates and measures you want to vote for… But there are certain to be ones you want to vote against.”

  23. AJ

    Balzac, what’s odd to me is that they would run a caucus in Iowa and when they see that Ron Paul is going to win, then somehow the votes from all the districts where he was strongly favored to win and where those wins would have put him over the top, well, those votes somehow mysteriously disappear. And in Maine we had all the Districts where Ron Paul was again a strong favorite in a tight race with Romney have their voting canceled due to bad weather that wasn’t really forcast and certainly didn’t materialize, where those people were told they couldn’t vote because they missed election day. If you’re the going to bother to hold caucuses and primaries, then the central commitee shouldn’t be allowed to change the results because they didn’t like the outcome. Otherwise, why even bother with some phoney dance; just hold a coronation.

    But that’s all history now, and the point is that they could have allowed the Paul delegates to have their moment in the sun at the convention and taken note of their platform. But instead they snubbed the Ron Paul people and the liberty movement, the only people who had any sort of enthusiasm and any strong feeling for the importance of pressing forward. To have done this was an unnecessary insult to what could have been a strong part of the Republican base — the Paul people were the only excitement being generated on the right side of center. At the very least it was a tactical error, and if Romney and the Republicans don’t begin to court the supporters of the liberty movement, i.e., Ron Paul, then they will have committed a stategic error that will cause them to unnecessarily lose the election.

    At this critical point in history the Rebublicans have chosen to be the cupcake with a slightly different colored icing when they could have stood for something. They have chosen to be Obama 2.0.

    As more and more people are turning off their televisions and looking to the internet for alternate sources of news, they are beginning to snap out of their trances and see that their only chance at a future is the liberty movement. In considering Patrick Henry’s give me liberty or give me death, I’d say that if the Republicans turn their backs on the liberty, then they chose death by irrelevance.

    Personally, I think that the Republicans have committed suicide and will cease to exist as a party in the future because they have told what is the lifeblood of any party, their grassroots people, that they don’t matter, and that if they make any progess in any sort of direction, or have success in any movement that is not of the preordained demagoguery, they will be squashed; that even if you win, you can’t win, and will not be recognized. Those vain, stupid, self-aggrandizing fools — sow nothing, reap nothing.