Antares Boyz still wildly optimistic about Greenwich real estate, or at least one of them is

44 Mooreland

After the downfall of his and Joe Beninati’s company, you’d think  Jimmy Cabrera would be a tad realistic about what the Greenwich market will support but apparently not so, because he’s listed his mansion at 44 Moorland for sale today at $17 million. That seems pretty steep for the neighborhood, considering that one of their failed projects right around the corner at 11 Langhorne Road has spent 986 days on the market waiting for a $23 million buyer.

These are big numbers, even for Greenwich, and while I understand the impulse to pay off some creditors in one big chunk and Mooreland looks like a gorgeous mansion that should appeal to those who find this type of house appealing, I don’t think those creditors should be planning any around-the-world cruises just yet.


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8 responses to “Antares Boyz still wildly optimistic about Greenwich real estate, or at least one of them is

  1. anonymous

    Yr Renovated 2011
    Guess Mr. Baranovich’s custom design didn’t fly such that by 2011 it had to be renovated?
    Pretty bold choice of flooring, rough hewn wide boards throughout. They are pretty but I don’t think it goes with the formality of the setting or the overall look of the home interior. Those floors go more with a Shaker or an antique colonial.
    I liked this line the best: FEATURED IN “SERENDIPITY” MAGAZINE.

    It’ll be serendipitous alright, if they sell the place.

  2. Anonymous

    The house is gorgeous. The wood floors are fabulous – it is an elegant country house with a slightly rustic appeal. Real materials and lots of texture. Still, 17 mill is a bit rich.

  3. Anonymous

    Agree with the above – gorgeous wood floors but a really odd choice considering the house seems otherwise quite formal. I’m also assuming that they removed any personal or eclectic touches from the interior settings before photographing, to make the house seem more adaptable and generic. Or else the interior decorator is stunningly boring and a bit inept. Looks like an expensive rendition of pottery barn. I read in one of the architecture magazines that home theaters are now “out” and make the house seem dated. Apparently they are another room that was hardly ever used.

  4. Rivman

    Given the number of televisions, I can see why none of the books on the shelf have ever been cracked open.

  5. Anon44

    Rivman: I’ll see you the televisions and raise you a room that says “I’m so rich and full of myself”. There’s the Billiards Rooms, The Home Theater, The Game Room, the Pool House, The Court, and The Exercise Room. I didn’t see a photo of one, but I bet there’s also a wine cellar. What, no craft room for the little woman?

  6. CatRocker

    They both leave me cold in every sense of the word.

  7. AJ

    I’ll bet he’s desparate to sell before home heating oil season begins.

  8. hoopla

    anon: there are other room naming conventions because with so much unnecessary space, you have to call them something: gift wrapping room, sewing room, meditation chambers.