Buy a large dog

The unexpected visitor

From a friend:

Thought you might be able to get the word out through your column, my neighbor was robbed this morning between 10am-1pm.  Smashed in a window and grabbed whatever they could take.  We live in mid country off Doubling between North and Stanwich.  Apparently the police said there had been a similar one on Stag Lane very recently. If you post something, please don’t use my name but I never lock my door.  I will now…and set my alarm.


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7 responses to “Buy a large dog

  1. Al Dente

    You are right on target about the dog. I worked as a crime scene tech for several years and was called to thousands of residential burglaries. Not once was there a successful break-in where a sizable dog was present. Lots of attempts, including one where a German Shepherd bit off a guys finger. It was a long time ago, but picking up a finger and placing in an evidence envelope is something you just don’t forget.

  2. anonymous

    I have two German Sheps who sleep on my bed. They are very sweet dogs. They play with my kids. Want to rob my house? Bring it on. Hehe.

  3. Balzac

    The Police will also say that nothing quiets a big bar fight as immediately as a large dog……..

  4. Fred2

    I wrestle /play with my 80lb Ridgeback from time to time for fun.

    All I can say is that if she wasn’t “completely pulling her punches” I’d be all set for a trip to the ER within a minute or less, if I didn’t bleed out first. She’s scary fast for a medium sized dog.

    My parents used to have Great Danes: Nothing discourages casual visitors so much as seeing paw prints the size of their hands in the snow, a basso profundo WOOF followed by silence and then seeing the huge head of the great dane rise 6+ ft to the upper window of the doors to check out who rang the doorbell.

    ( That being said, the investment in a nice steak at the supermarket could save these break in guys a lot of grief, but then petty criminals aren’t really into planning and forethought.)

  5. Deb

    Adopt a big dog! There are plenty at the shelters.

  6. anonymous

    Agree with Deb. Contact State Rep Fred Camillo to get in touch with German Shepherd rescues.