Okay with me, so long as they agree to fire one administrator for each “consultant”


School Board wants to spend “hundreds of thousands of dollars” hiring technology consultants to teach teachers how to use iPads. I don’t care how they carve up their budget, so long as it remains fixed. That will never happen, of course, and this new cost will just be piled on top of current spending, but I thought I’d register my protest.


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16 responses to “Okay with me, so long as they agree to fire one administrator for each “consultant”

  1. Best school in Silicone Valley…..NO COMPUTERS !!!!!

  2. Cos Cobber

    the school board could just ask the kids and save the money. 1/2 the kindergartners can operate an ipad. plus, not sure what an ipad does for teaching the basics.

    • When my son John graduated from Riverside and went to Eastern we’d get calls from Riverside’s principal asking f he could stop by the school on his way home and help her with her computer. John was eleven?

  3. Al Dente

    I figured mine out in about 15 minutes. WTF?

  4. What?

    Fire the school board!
    Fire the teachers who need tech consultants to teach them how to use iPads!

  5. anonymous

    You do love to stir the pot don’t you? LOL We won’t be paying to teach the teachers how to use ipads (although they have, according to my little one’s teacher, had a few staff development lessons about special apps for education that work really well).
    As much as I dislike using education money on consultants, I think I like the idea of hiring an experienced one to guide this plan so we end up with mobile devices, access, lesson plans and a policy that all work together. My biggest fear is that the district buys 1000 ipads for student use and then discovers that they can’t be used the way they intended.

  6. Anonymous

    Illiterate Afghan tribesman can figure out how to use an iPad.

    GPS staff can’t figure out how to use an iiPad.

  7. Chief Scrotum

    All of you totally miss the point.

    In private business, new tech = better and more efficient workers. Everyone is happy.

    In government, new tech = consultants, training and equipment, therefore. your employees have new skills, new duties and are responsible for high tech stuff. Therefore, staff needs higher pay, better benefits and travel to exotic places to learn how to use the tech. More staff is needed as well, so that the older, better trained workers do not do previous lower skilled work they used to do.

    You may applaud ipads in schools now, but my bet is that in a year, you will have buyer’s remorse. And your kids couldnt care less, and the results wont be any better. But the expenses will accrue each day.

  8. AJ

    Back when I was a wee lad, there was this tradition where the guy who just sold something to you would spend a few minutes showing you how to use whatever it was that you just bought so that from day-one you would be another happy customer.

  9. Fred2

    I’m trying to imagine how I pad would have improved highschool/primary school. I somehow managed to do ok with paper and pencils and the price of ONE iPad can basically you buy a classroom’s supply for one year.

  10. Georgie

    If Steve Jobs were alive today he would be appalled and laughing at these stupid adults.

    The iPad is literally the most elegant, idiot proof device ever invented in the 21st century. Apple’s classes are 30 F____MINUTES and literally all the people who take them are over 50 yrs old.

    Most kids can pick up an iPad in MINUTES and be proficient. Have the BOE folks ever been to an Apple store or see a kid with a iPod/iPhone (same metaphor) as the iPad? Those bumbling and fumbling are the old geezers.

    I agree with Chief Scrotum…this is how government keeps growing and growing. You just know that they are going to have to pull out all the teachers and Principals to some off campus retreat to teach them what they could learn in a few minutes.

    C’mon BOE….spend the taxpayer’s money more wisely.

  11. GreenITCH

    suggestion , sign the teachers up for contiuing ed …. $ 99 each

  12. AJ

    Hopefully, CF, you used only locally, organically grown Ruwe Pencils because that would have made old Mrs.Ruwe, up there in Deer Park, happy.

  13. I see a schism in the older vs. young teachers. The young ones think they know it all and are proud of being super tech-savvy, but you can also see them at times using their I-phones during the school days when kids are present. Sometimes it’s during playground duty, other times after giving a demonstration, they’ll give out the Xeroxed worksheets, or project something to do on the SmartBoard and then focus on their iPhones. In any case, there was something to be said for presenting the feeling that teachers have eyes in the back of their heads, and it’s hard to do that when they’e staring at any kind of screen.

  14. Go After the Real Fish

    I am sure they are all proficient at using them to read, update their FB accounts and shop . . . .