So what’s a million get you these days?

39 Mimosa

This: 39 Mimosa Drive, $1,035,000. Asked $1.095, sold quickly, assessed at $857,570 so estimated market value was, before this sale, about $1.2. Kind of an “eh”, but decent yard, decent house, decent neighborhood – plain vanilla and what you should probably expect to pay for non-Riverside Old Greenwich shelter housing.

What you wouldn’t expect to pay, or I wouldn’t, is $827,000 for a condo on Oak Ridge (listing is in the Mimosa Drive link, above), especially when it was priced at $700,000. Went to contract after just 16 days. I have no idea whether the builder added gold fixtures and a slate roof to the place or whether Oak Ridge is suddenly hot but something stirred this buyer. Knowing Oak Ridge, I’m guessing it was gold fixtures.


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5 responses to “So what’s a million get you these days?

  1. Another Reader

    Regarding Oak Ridge, I bet it’s because of the elevator! And all the upgrades. Brazilian wood floors?! Well I bet all the neighbors are happy that their street has a high end condo on it now. Yeah, that street looks like it’s going through a gentrification.

  2. Anonymous

    I rent on Oak Ridge, up the block from that condo. That house is definitely one of the nicer ones on the block and Oak Ridge is walking distance from the train and Greenwich Ave. (about a 12 minute walk).

    But, most of the houses on that street are crappy. It’s fine to rent, but would I spend $800k to buy and live there? No thanks.

  3. Anonymous

    mostly land value as I see it.

  4. George Liden

    No pictures of interior?