And she deserves it why?

Gimme that!

One oldster wants her place on the water and wants it right now! 

“I am so sorry Mr. Malkin wrote the way he did,” said Senior Center member Cristina Pica, 83. “We deserve waterside property just as much as anybody else.”

I wasn’t aware that taxpayers owed anyone an obligation to provide them with waterfront property so if, as Ms. Pica claims, she “deserves it as much as anyone else”, I choose to understand that as an admission that she doesn’t deserve it at all. But brace yourself, Bridget, there are big plans for still more spending on this band of oldsters hanging out causing trouble on the Avenue:

Senior Center officials say the current space is not adequate for the needs of a growing senior population. The Senior Center has about 7,000 square feet of usable program space, and will need 23,000 square feet more to expand its programs to meet the needs of seniors, according to a survey conducted several years ago. Sam Deibler, director of the Commission on Aging, said even if the building were to undergo costly renovations, there still wouldn’t be enough space.

Can’t we just drain the Byram pool and store these people there?


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29 responses to “And she deserves it why?

  1. 7 women and one man in the article for the senior center. Life’s a war on men, ain’t it so? Women live longer, consume 60% of healthcare services.

    At least we’re not paying for these lady’s birth control.

  2. Cos Cobber

    I hope you are still this funny the day we have to wheel you into that empty pool.

  3. Al Dente

    “A lot of the classes I’m in, we’re on top of each other,” said Wilson, 94.
    What the hell is going on in this place?

  4. Al Dente

    And I suppose we paying for their birth control….Dammit!

  5. hmmm

    in greenwich if you complain loud enough you get it…new firehouse, new police station i mean safety complex, new orchestra pit, new waterfront senior center….

  6. InfoDiva

    I love the fact that these 93- and 94-year-olds are looking forward to using a new facility that won’t likely be ready for another three years. I guess that quip about being too old to buy green bananas doesn’t apply to this group.

  7. Reader

    If we can pay for birth control for students at Georgetown Law (where the average starting salary for their graduates is $155,000), why can’t we buy water front property for our seniors?

  8. Just_looking

    A senior center is not required and hardly needed. There are other venues that can host these activities, although there may be a fee involved.

  9. CatoRenasci

    The present senior center is perfectly adequate, at least in this economic environment. The senior center is in the ‘nice to have’ category, and we have one. We’ve got MISA to deal with — which is turning into a clusterf*ck based on environmental problems that should have been identified and dealt with before it was submitted to the RTM — as well as the fire palace, which has to be wonderfully overdone because we overdid the police palace back when the money flowed like the beer after a regatta. And then there’s Nathaniel Witherall, another transfer from the taxpayers to the elderly which will end up costing the Town more than $1mm a year forever…. Not to mention stuff we really need to take care of like sewers and putting the electrical grid underground.

    We will look back with fondness to 2012 as a year when Greenwich real estate was still among the most valuable in the country….

  10. anonymous

    I think InfoDiva said it best. Today’s seniors are healthier, more active, like to stay involved and busy. Even though we may not agree with their wishes, it’s fabulous that they are out in full force to speak. There has to be many a very wealthy senior who could donate the funds to name and build a new center or improve what exists. Maybe they could explore that rather than ask their town government to help them.

  11. Anonmymous2

    Once again I’m left with the feeling that the pols really don’t get it: they still don’t understand the world has changed and that the country is coming apart at the seams.

    Glossy new programs and facilities certainly used to translate into votes, but today a fair number of us are more interested in hearing which programs have been cut or killed, how many projects have been cancelled and how many government workers have been fired, and how much the salaries of the survivors have been cut.

  12. anonymous

    Malkin himself is no spring chicken.. just because he can spend his days amusing himself running the elevators up and down the Empire State Building, you would think if he cared so much to opine about the welfare of his fellow oldsters he could dig into his deep pockets to give them their own beach club, as he suggests we do.

  13. Georgie

    What amazing quotes from these out-of-touch (to the recessionary times) seniors???

    Perhaps there is some truth that there are many “Greatest Generation” folks really willing to sock it to their children and grandchildren with unsustainable government benefits (including Medicare, Social Security).

    And, of course, we know why pols react to Seniors…THEY VOTE. I love when I visit my precinct on non presidential year elections, the average age voter must be 75 years old!

    I agree with Cato….in this economic environment, revamp the existing Senior Center. If that ain’t good enough, find a rich benefactor willing to subsidize 80% of new construction AND any addiitional (lifetime) Town employee costs needed.

  14. Do you have Mother and Father?

    Mine Aren’t rich and always paid their way–decades of property taxes. They’d like to have a social/Informative meeting place so they’re not at the mercy of their family for entertainment. The senior center is a dark decrepit dump. And by the way, not everything is free there.
    Witherell’s CosCob facility is great but serves seniors with diminished capacity.
    The don’t want waterfront, but does 70% of their tax dollars have to go for the education of someone else’s children for 60-70-80-NINETY years?

  15. Walt

    Dude –
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    Here’s his schedule for today:
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    Anyhows, how about those Red Sox? And why do you hate old people? Or do you just lump them in with all the rest of the assholes?
    Your Pal,

  16. dogwalker

    Do you have Mother and Father?

    Just want to nitpick on one point. The River House in Cos Cob is NOT affiliated with Nathaniel Witherell. Yes, it did run out of the basement at Witherell for many years, but it is an independent non-profit.

  17. Marie A.

    Do you have….: I agree that people shouldn’t have to pay taxes for 60-90 years (were they coupon clippers by 10?) for educating other peoples (read the servants’) children…. abolish the public schools. Limit the town to roads, police and fire…. ‘let ‘me all eat cake.

  18. Balzac

    There are many common-sense responses above. Thank heaven for all of you (us). Now let’s all invite ourselves to the next RTM meeting and the public meetings on the budget, and speak up!

  19. KTCT

    Could a new senior center be part of a new Eastern Civic Center? Kiddies are in school all day….

  20. Al Dente

    Have you seen the actual movie trailer? I think it’s funny as hell:

  21. Whatever you do for seniors, you do for yuppies and the kids, as if they don’t move and live here for their entire lives, it will be there for you.

  22. Sunny

    Someone paid for today’s older folks’ education when they were young!

  23. hmmm


    set it up

  24. FF

    Yes, stop complaining and run for office. Call me at 203-554-6140 if you want to run as a Democrat. Since I’m in no danger of filling up my inbox with this crowd, call Jim Campbell over at the Republicans, get on the ballot and stop complaining. Just ask the few aliases I’ve figured out who you are on this blog who do so whether its worth it or not

  25. Walt

    Francis –
    Where have you been my friend? I will run as a Democrat!! What slots are open? Which positions get to bang a gavel at meetings? I would love to do that and yell at people to shut the frig up.
    Is there a pension plan? Any training available? Is there a course on how to lie, and never answer a question honestly, or do I need to wing it? Can you sign me up for “Accepting Bribes 101”? Also “Instant Messaging – The Art of Sending Dick Pics”. That one seems very popular with today’s Politico’s. Can I get BJ’s in my office, or do you have to be President for that perk? I do get an office right?
    Do you want to run my campaign, or should I try and get someone with a personality?
    And what is the Donkey’s name?
    Your Pal,