Democrats hate Israel, but keep the votes of American Jews

Here’s Dollar Bill, speaking for Greenwich Democrats and seemingly the National Democratic Party itself, on Israel:

Obama gave a good kick in the pants to Bibi, called his bluf\f, and said no time for you. Good. It’s about time he stood up to his bullying. Bibi’s nothing but trouble, If Israel wants to gin up a war with Iran,, they should go fight it (and pay for it) themselves, and stop dragging us into their costly never ending confilcts with the Muslim world, which soil our reputation and bring us nothing but grief, loss of life and treasure. . Of course, the Mittster is primed to be Bibi’s lapdog, should he be elected, as his foreign policy wigs are all warmed over neocons who dragged us into the last debacle in Iraq, and have learned absolutely nothing from their failures … about an apology tour, Mitt and Ryan are the tourguides par excellence

And here, just hours after Dollar Bill weighed in, is the White House’s response to their angry Jewish base:

White House denies rejecting a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister.

Now if Dollar Bill can see the truth, and applaud it, how can American Jews be so blind? How can they be so easily bought off and placated by an out-right lie from their President? No, this isn’t Germany in 1936, but the same pattern of suspension of disbelief and a hopeful denial of what’s happening right in front of their eyes seems familiar.

Old and in the way

UPDATE, cognitive dissonance department: Aging Diane von Furstenberg wants no Republicans in her stores. This Jewish daughter of a Holocaust survivor who got rich by marrying a prince and assuming his name so she could sell dresses to the 0.1% crowd now wants to restrict her sales to rich Democrat ladies only? I wonder if Dollar Bill’s wife will still be welcome?


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44 responses to “Democrats hate Israel, but keep the votes of American Jews

  1. Anonymous

    Barry is lying, which is Standard Operating Procedure for him.

    Dollar Bill and the Dems side with Barry and his Muslim brethren, a bunch of misogynistic goatf*ckers, who wipe the shit off their backsides by hand. Talk about “the war on women.”

    Islam is a totalitarian political movement masquerading as a religion.

  2. Libertarian Advocate

    Diane Von Furstenberg: I shall happily comply with your request, not that I buy women’s clothes mind you.

  3. Dollar Bill

    In no uncertain terms, Defense Secretary Panetta has told Bibi we oppose an Israeli attack. Secy of State Clinton had said our country is not in the business of “setting deadlines.” The Pentagon doesn’t want war, and neither do the American people. Joint Chiefs Gen. Dempsey said he does not wish to be “complicit” in any Israeli attack.

    President Obama should stand his ground, there is no reason to go war with Iran, and every reason not to go to war with Iran. and if Romney had an ounce of patriotism, he would stand with the President, not the Prime Minister.

  4. JimP

    I’m not interested in shoveling more of our boys in front of Israel’s enemies to come home in body bags or with permanent head injuries.

    if Iran represents an existential and imminent threat let them deal with it; but it’s nervy as hell for them to ask us to front line another battle on their behalf.

  5. Yos

    Our friend 3DB doesn’t speak for Jews (presuming he/she/it/they is actually Jewish) nor for all Liberals. Not a few of us Jews are increasingly patriots and constitutionalists, libertarians, conservatives and like myself, Orthodox.

    (Which reminds me… I don’t recall 3DB’s condemnation of the US lead attack on a non-nuclear country, then at peace – Libya – and the murder of it’s leader. (What the Hell was THAT all about, anyway?) In any case, I’m glad to see that the “apology tour” meme got under 3DB’s skin. On the other hand, I’m not so certain one should engage in hearty schadenfreude just before the High Holy Days. Permit me a wry smile?)

    I agree with a few on the Left and Right who point-out that America is in no financial shape nor morale to spend lives and assets attacking Iran. That is not to say that we stand back and twiddle thumbs while (once again) Israel does the heavy lifting. Coordination of intel, for example, and base supply. We’re already there on both borders of Iran.

    The nuclear-capable Mahdist issue must be defused, granted, but it seems that the preferable option – internal revolution – was ignored by three blundering fools: Slick Willie, Dubbya and now Doofus. Iran has crushed so much of the internal Green opposition that it’s difficult to know if there is any hope for their success.

    I don’t know what efficacious options remain. Israel appears to have a radical surgery option – a nasty one in which the surgeon is as likely as the patient to suffer or die. On the other hand, doing nothing is even riskier.

    Oddly enough, Israel has several (embarrassed) ME allies in this fight: Turkey, Jordan and the Soddies. The 12thers in Iran threaten everyone… it ain’t just Jerusalem on their wish list.

    So up steps tiny Israel to do what America’s ME “partners” haven’t the guts nor the capacity. 3DB’s utter crap about Bibi’s “bullying” denies the basic facts on the ground: EVERYONE in the ME has a strategic interest in keeping Iran on a leash.


    (PS: Hey L.A., our friend Bouguereau is up to it once again…)

  6. Dollar Bill

    What Bibi, in league with his pals on Capitol Hill — those beholden to AIPAC, which includes many Democrats, I regret to say , as well as virtually every Republican not named Ron Paul–are doing is nothing short of diplomatic extortion. On the eve of an American election no less.! It’s shameful, and completely uncalled for bullying behaviour on the part of a diplomatic ally, all to get up a war with Iran that damages US interests in the region in any number of ways. Bibi needs to STFU. If Obama wins a second term, there’s a whole lot of hurt coming Bibi’s way. No more of the tail wagging the dog.

    • If Obama wins a second term there’s a whole lot of hurt coming our way, unless you believe that nuclear war in the middle east is in our interest. Come to think of it, you probably do.

  7. Yos

    Shorter 3DB: “AIPAC! Um, neocons! Bullies! – uh, Bibibibi just STFU!

    Uh-huh. Problem, 3DB, is that under your Dear Leader’s policies… the ME Bros just killed our ambassador to Libya and three American diplomats. Technically it’s an act of War. Our allies and cooperatives are turning against us.

    Not the fault of AIPAC. Nor Bibi, nor of Israel.

    The fault rather of ersatz “smart diplomacy” and policies of a failing, stupid US administration. These morons you support are *actually* damaging US interests, in real-time… “On the eve of an American election no less.!

    Weakness and stupidity are provocative. (ahem) Never noticed that? (cough)

  8. Dollar Bill

    Nuclear war is not in our interest, but neither is outsourcing our foreign policy to a foreign power, which is what Romney and his neocon advisers are itching to do. Why do they hate America so?

    • If we had a viable foreign policy, there would be no need for outsourcing. And despite what you and your allies in the White House and the Kremlin believe,appeasement is not a viable foreign policy.

  9. Yos

    It seems that 3DB is happy “outsourcing” our foreign policy to the muslim Brotherhood. BTW, speaking of the Bros, “Why do they hate America so?

  10. Padano

    Bravo dollar bill, finally the truth.
    After Bush how can anybody be republican.

  11. Dollar Bill

    I detect a little of John Bolton and his neocon psychopath friends in Romney’s desperate, hail-Mary attempts to politicize this tragedy,. I know he’s advising the campaign. It’s painfully obvious Romney’s dug his own grave with these malicious and factually unfounded attackcks, as virtually no elected GOP official–not McCain, not Graham, not Boehner –has come to his defense. Not even the execrable Joe Lieberman! Romney is toast after today.

  12. Mr. 85 Broad St.

    Was I out of school the day Netanyahu asked us to attack Iran for Israel?
    Seems to me all he’s looking for is the wink that we won’t get in their way if they decide to protect themselves.

  13. Dollar Bill

    If they go it alone, Broad Street, it will still be perceived, correctly, by the Arab world as, and most nations, as an attack that we gave Israel permission to launch. And the fallout for us, even if we’re not the ones dropping the bombs, will be catastrophic. Rising oil prices, the Muslim world in flames, retaliatiory attacks on Israel from Hezbollah, and other terrorist groups. I realize the Teabaggers on this site get their rocks off with bellicose rhetoric coming from Bolton/Romney, but cooler heads need to prevail. We’re dealing with a powder keg here.

  14. Mr. 85 Broad St.

    And by the way – didn’t we learn our lesson in Tehran in 1979? Why are we relying on Egyptian police to protect our embassy in Cairo instead of the Marines? Do their rules of engagement from our commander in chief even allow them to fire their weapons in defense of what is supposedly US soil?

  15. Yos

    Poor 3DB. Iran is at war with “the Arab world” and yet he conflates the two? Wha—!? If this brand of ‘realpolitik’ is typical of the Left and the Administration, it goes a long way to explaining things.

    In the mean time, these “cool heads” are getting Americans killed as we watch. ‘Cool heads’ is one thing, ‘brain-dead’ quite something else.

  16. AJ

    Here’s another Obama movie you may want to watch:

  17. Balzac

    $Bill: Iran said that if they had a nuclear weapon they will “vomit Israel from the earth”. Are you really OK with that?

  18. AJ

    I remember back in New York in the early 70s when Diane von Furstenberg and Prince Egon where the “it couple”, and you couldn’t pick up a copy of New York Magazine (I think it was a weekly) without there being something in there about them.

  19. Cotswood

    Dollar Bill is married to Nickel Steve.

  20. Dollar Bill

    All our most recent intelligence estimates (NIEs) say Iran is NOT on the verge of development of nuclear weapons. It does not have the “breakout” capability, in terms of nuclear enrichment, and the Mossad agrees! Stick to the facts.

    Keep in mind: during the cold war, we stared down the Soviet Union, with thousands of nuclear warheads, pointed at us, with the possibility of mutual assured destruction. Evenand Mao too with his arsenals. Containment worked to preserve the peace then, and no reason it can’t work now in the case of Iran.. Read the pro Iraq War NYT editor Bill Keller in yesterdays NYT. The mullahs are NOT suicidal maniacs.,contrary to the Likud logic that dominates your comments section. Iran surely knows that if it threatened Israel, with its hundreds of nukes, it would face complete obliteration. No, the true irrational actor here is not Iran, it is Bibi, who has disgustingly inserted himself into the US election, with his bullying bluster, and bombastic attempts to drag us into another Mideast quagmire. All Americans should tell him to go fly a kite! Lots of Israelis are saying the same thing!

  21. Inagua

    DB – Please tell me more about Netanyahu. Is is a mistaken guy who incorrectly assesses the Iranian risk? Or is a malevolent guy who wants to start a war for no good reason?

  22. Yos

    Containment worked to preserve the peace then, and no reason it can’t work now in the case of Iran..” Wrong.

    You fail to understand the nature of Iran’s Mahdis. They quite proudly and openly claim that M.A.D. is the whole point. To them, it’s about bringing the ‘armageddon’ that will herald the arrival of the 12th Imam. “Shi’a will be triumphant! Sharia will dominate the world!” Research this on Iranian websites yourself. Their words. Ooops. Now, either you’re simply wrong once more because you lack the patience to surf, or because you read the most discredited news source in America – the NYT – or you just like to tell bold-faced lies – not that it really matters. Containment will not and can not work.

    Worse, in 2009 when the Greens begged us – begged! – to help them topple Iran’s Shi’a mullahs and restore Democracy to Iran, your [partners] in the Admin told them to eff-off. They warned that the Mahdis are serious about the game and the Greens had no hope to burn with them. Supporting the Green revolution in Iran was the only decent option – but your Oaf of Office kissed them off.

    You still haven’t blamed Bush for the emergent problems. Lazy bum. Hey! Surf on over to Media Matters – surely they’ll have a “talking point” that lays *all* the blame on one of the Bushies?

  23. Libertarian Advocate

    Dullard: Below is some embedded video of one of YOUR party’s leaders – UpChuck Schumer – saying that a re-elected President Obama is far more likely to attack Iran than would be Romney. I think your party has a serious messaging problem, something Romney pointed out just yesterday. But then maybe you didn’t get the memo?

  24. Libertarian Advocate

    Well, it looks like WordPress couldn’t digest the embed code so here’s the URL:

  25. Anonymous

    @LA. Well, of course. Obama will have more flexibility after the election, duh!

    I can only hope O’s options include a permanent move to Hawaii in 2013 where he falls into obscurity.

  26. hmmm


    although it is funny how blacks overwhelmingly vote for democrats and if I am not mistaken (someone please correct me) the next largest voting block for the dems are the jews no? I think inagua pointed it out recently that the dems get 79% of the jewish vote. what is the similarity between these two groups?

  27. I had a confusing lunch one day this past summer. I was with a woman who raised a very book-smart son, and pushed him to become a doctor. He is now a doctor, and married to a model. He came to lunch and announced that he just bought a luxurious condo at a waterfront resort in Israel and that when he retired he couldn’t wait to take all of his money out of this country and bring it to Israel. He sounded really obnoxious, and I didn’t want to start an unpleasant discussion in front of his mother, so I just overlooked the comment.
    Later on, I repeated his comment to a relative and they got angry and said that if it weren’t for the USA, there’d be no Israel.
    I usually stay out of discussions about Israel, as they are always very hot-button discussions, but to tell you the truth, I really can’t make sense of the whole situation. Is it true that if it weren’t for America, there would be no Israel? I know I am opening myself up for insults, but that’s OK – I’d like to hear the feedback in an anonymous and safe atmosphere.

    • Well we have always supported them with arms and money after they themselves established their country in opposition to the entire world, especially Britain. On the other hand, they used those arms, and weapons they developed and built themselves, to great effect in 1967, the Yom Kippur war and all the decades of Russian-sponsored terrorism and Russian-supplied armies.
      So I’d say it’s a mix. I’m also no kind of expert on Israeli history so someone who is, chime in. It goes without saying that Dollar Bill will add his zero cents, but that’s just part of the fun of this blog.

  28. Westchesterer

    You guys are arguing the same shit you’ve been arguing for the last 30 years, our economy is crumbling and the only thing preventing the necessary expulsion of economic inefficiencies via a depression is Bernanke and his printing press.

    Guys, you are pathetic. Why do you care about what happens in North Africa or the Middle East? I don’t. I don’t care what Iran does, I don’t care what Israel does. It’s time we let them settle their own deeds. We cannot afford to be moral crusaders and the policemen of the world. The coffers are running dry, guys.

    We have only so much time until it’s game over. This isn’t a joke, anymore. We have millions of idiots playing geopolitical experts. This country is not serious about the problems it’s facing. Everyone wants bigger government. The Republicans want more war, democrats more welfare. Both of you are Keynesians and both of you are jokers. You’ve both destroyed this country.

    Guys, wake up before it’s too late. Better yet, maybe it’s more appropriate to say: grow up. Stop acting like children.

  29. NRA

    Is Greenwich a village? I mean, what accounts for 3DB? He’s nearly as daft as the closet queen on the zoning board.

  30. anonymous

    With regard to DVF’s opportunism, you forgot the fact that Prince Egon was gay, and that DVF then went on to marry another gay man, Barry Diller, this one rich enough to rescue and finance the growth of her then dormant fashion business. A girl does what she has to do to get by I suppose.

  31. Random Access

    Furstenberg has had a series of “lavender” marriages.

    And she’s most unfortunate-looking.

  32. Thanks for trying, CF.

  33. Here is a dilemma I now face: The USA-hating American-born guy’s mom has invited me to her son’s luxurious waterfront condo in Israel. I really am disgusted by how much he hates America, but he will be back here in the US at work. I like his mother, and she does get embarrassed by some of the things he son says. Is it wrong to go and stay in this condo? He is keeping it just for the investment and for his retirement years. What would you do? Would you feel guilty or uncomfortable staying in the condo of a person who really seems to hate America, and has been on the receiving end of all that is good that she offers?

  34. gfy

    Peeps, most of the commentators on this blog sound like your friend’s son.

  35. OK, so tonight I actually had a little social time with my friend who invited me to Israel to stay at her America-hating son;s luxury condo, I point-blank asked her why her son hates America and is making a point of taking all of his money out of here and putting it into Israel when he retires.
    She apologized for how he sounds, and said she will talk to him about how he comes off to others, which really was not my goal in talking to her. The answer she gave as to why he feels that way though interested me. She said that historically, jews did feel more grateful to America and along with tat, so did her son. She said that it’s something that changed with the era of Obama. She said that she herself is upset with all the Jewish Democrats who are just blinded by Obama. she said that his glorification of Muslims is very dangerous to the safety of israel because they have stated a desire to destroy jews in Israel and that if the USA doesn’t act, they are next.

    Anyway, that is the answer I got.

  36. getaclue

    Regardless of which side you stand on this issue, we ALL can say it is polarizing!!!! that is the point of the bringing it up, like gay marriage and abortion…..hmmmm take a look around people our infrastructure is crumbling under our feet; economy, schools, a social plan that helps people with jobs and survival, roads, bridges i can keep going on and on. This issue is critical but does not and should not take first chair! As a intelligent community we should be demanding answers with solutions for these intrinstic issues with timelines. Has anyone ever studied the Roman Empire and how it caved FROM THE INSIDE OUT!

  37. I have been trying to figure out more about this situation, but just get more and more confused and saddened. I think I will stop trying, lay off the news for tonight and watch The Soup and Fashion Police. I need some junk TV fast!