Ah the arrogance of bureaucracy

A reader sends along this missive from our town’s parking authority notifying all Greenwich Parking Permit holders of the upcoming repaving of the Island Beach parking lot. Nothing wrong with repaving – it’ll make it easier for our seniors to hold wheelchair races down there – but the idiot at the computer sent a broadcast message to permitees revealing to all the hundreds of email addresses on the list. I won’t compound that sin by posting them here but many of the addresses are like mine: full name @ server, so if you ever wanted to send the guy parked next to you annoying spam or sign him up for daily come-ons from Miss Latticia’s House of Pain and Bondage, here’s your chance.

Dear Greenwich (“G”) parking permit holders,

The Island Beach parking lot is scheduled to be paved and striped from
Thursday and Friday, September 20 – 21. Half of the parking lot will be
closed at a time to be paved. This will reduce the number of available
parking spaces during this paving and striping project. Alternate parking
will be allowed for vehicles with “G” permits displayed at the parking
meters on Steamboat Road and Museum Drive for the duration of the
paving/striping project when space is not available in the Island Beach

We apologize for the temporary inconvenience during the long over due
maintenance and paving of this parking lot.

Allen Corry, CAPP
Director Parking Services
101 Field Point Rd
Greenwich, Ct 06830
ph  203-618-3060
fax 203-618-3065


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11 responses to “Ah the arrogance of bureaucracy

  1. Not just bureaucrats who make this mistake. Although this is egregious, divulging such personal information, most people are clueless that doing so can jeopardize their identity. i have friends who send e-vites or e-christmas cards or forward a funny article and there within, the email addresses of everyone. It’s so simple to create an email to “undisclosed recipients.” I am a religious fanatic about my email address(es). I keep six of them and the one I use for such things as parking permits never has my real name in it. I’m surprised how many people only have one email address and one with their name smack dab there for the world to see and Google. Chris……………….

  2. Not so much you, you have a very public persona but let’s take JaneSmith44@yahoo.com. I’m making that one up, but it’s safe to presume that she was born in 1944 (unless Walt is reading it and assumes it’s her bra size!). So much can be gleaned online today and scammers love it when people use email addresses that make it easy for them to find you.

    • You know I wrote to Jane but it turns out that’s a really old address and she’s 64 now! And I’m sure we don’t want to know what age has done to those 44’s Walt covets.

  3. ML

    I thought the same exact thing. Lets see how many solicitations I get from this list!

  4. dogwalker

    Our crackpot . . . oh, I mean crack . . . Town Hall IT team must have been too busy with other things to instruct offices on basic email practices.

    But actually I was looking for an anti-green post to include the following:


  5. Yikes, I see WordPress turned my fake email choice into a real link. I think you ought to undo it by taking away the @ and writing “at”. God forbid that is a real address and the woman gets a million email today. I’d be just as guilty as Mr. Corry.

  6. Just_looking

    EOS, not as guilty as Cory used real addresses on purpose, you made one up, and just because it is now hot linked does not mean it really exists. Yu can check by sending a mail and see if it kicks back.

  7. Georgie

    Its time to outsource the entire IT dept…..and to FIRE (with cause) the existing IT dept. How many incidents does it take before this is done???? I go back to Bloomberg’s statement that in the union world—you can be an ax murder and still not be fired.

  8. Westchesterer

    Sure, it happens to everybody. The problem is that when a citizen does something extremely stupid or illegal, he’s liable for his actions since he can be sued or prosecuted. When the government aka the thugs do something extremely stupid or illegal they invoke immunity from civil lawsuits or prosecution.

    For example, even though the thugs in NYC gave a developer a permit to build a 150 foot structure, neighbors sued and won. The thugerment forced the builder to tear down 12 stories of the building since code only allowed 100 feet. The government claimed they were not liable for their mistake, even though they provided inaccurate zoning maps that indicated 150 feet was permissable and they granted the building permit. They contended the building permit they granted was illegal and therefore the builder is liable for using the illegal building permit.

    This is the archetypical problem of the inhibitory function of a large, dysfunctional, government that is immune from liability. The government will destroy the function of the economy until the economy can no longer support its existence. The size of our current government is undoutably the cause of the current great recession and the private sector will not recover until the restrictions of the government are tamed and eliminated.

  9. It’s not an IT issue, it’s an idiot user issue. A group email address entered into the “bcc:” field won’t be revealed to any of the recipients. Put it in the “to:” field and everyone will see it.