Speaking truth to power

Democrat candidate Murphy wallows in K Street funds.

To the Rescue

Politico’s Anna Palmer and David Levinthal report that the Democratic U.S. Senate candidate held a DC fundraiser last night. In addition to Murphy friends in Congress, Rep. John Larson and Sen. Richard Blumenthal, the guest list was studded with the names of prominent lobbyists from firms such as FedEx, Google, Goldman , Sachs, American Express and Microsoft.

Asked for comment, local Democrat representative Dollar Bill turned bright red and started jumping up and down yelling, “Koch! Koch!”


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3 responses to “Speaking truth to power

  1. Libertarian Advocate

    Too bad you didn’t get some video of Dullard Bill’s sudden Tourette’s explosion. I could have used a good belly laugh tonight.

  2. FF

    About the fundraiser, you are correct. Feckless Wall Street has read the tea leaves and pronounced Obama and the Democratic Senate as winners, therefore directing their financial clout toward said winners. So on one hand, ha ha! On the other hand, le plus ca change……..

    • And that’s the problem with a government large enough to crush you- the money:banks, unions, Al Gore’s friends simply shift the bucks to whoever is currently ensconced in Washington and keep themselves on top.