Stanwich price cut

154 Stanwich sold new for $4,4125,000 in 2004. The new owners made improvements and put it back up for sale in 2010 at $5.2 million. Today it’s marked down to $3.850. I don’t know if that will prove to be the right price but it’s a beautiful house, just under 6,000 square feet and backing up to the Greenwich Country Club golf course, and I certainly like it. I do know this: clients of mine have been looking at houses in the $3.5, $3.7 range and the owners of those homes have been intransigent (stubborn, Walt). They might want to go tour this house and then rethink their price because there’s no comparison.

I have a feeling we’re going to see more of this, with houses dropping their price down to the next price rung and making those properties already there look wildly over-priced.


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6 responses to “Stanwich price cut

  1. anon

    there’s a disconnect between the beautiful house exterior, fine yard and pool versus the dark and dated interior. i can’t put my finger on it other than it’s not quite right. the kitchen doesn’t appeal, nor the family room that looks like it’s in a basement. we know they have a dog. play find fido in the photo of living room. love the location and looks like owners have maintained house to perfection.

  2. Old Mick

    Fabulous looking house BUT one big issue – 3 bedrooms on main bedroom level. Assuming nanny is on the 3rd floor, you and your 2+ kids take up the 3 bedrooms on the main level. Where do the in-laws or guests stay? It’s one bedroom shy for almost $4million. Pity.

    • I know in the old country each Colleen has her own en suite bedroom complete with a pink, tumbled-marble bath, but here in America we can’t just burrow deeper into the hill when another child is born and we use bunk beds – the little darlin’s can shack up together when Granny shows up with her wheelbarrow of ponteen and resume normal living when she leaves after the Easter Sunday Massacree celebration.

  3. Stu Pidass

    I’ll have a roast beef on pumpernickel with mayo.

  4. Westchesterer

    Maybe it’s the white crown on dark cabinets…

  5. Anonymous

    I see now buyers pay land price plus reasonable construction cost(depending on the size and quality) for a home.
    They never overpay.