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Judge overrules Wisconsin voters

Wisconsin judge rules the law revoking collective bargaining rights for state workers is unconstitutional. Judges are supposed to step in and protect citizens from overreaching legislators, something I wish the lefties would remember when laws they like are invalidated, so this may be the proper result. On the other hand, a liberal judge has just invalidated a law that was not only enacted by the legislature but endorsed by a million Wisconsin voters when the unions staged their recall election earlier this year, and that should have, perhaps, given him pause before ruling. My hunch is that the judge’s position will itself be overruled.


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They’ve been so busy groveling and kowtowing, it’s a wonder they have time to attack the First Amendment

Reporting for duty

White House pressures YouTube to pull “Mohammed is a filthy Pig” video, unleashes Justice Department on its creator.

White House officials had asked Google earlier on Friday to reconsider whether the video had violated YouTube’s terms of service. The guidelines can be viewed here

Google initially said on Wednesday that the video was within its guidelines.

U.S. authorities said on Friday that they were investigating whether the film’s producer, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, a 55-year old Egyptian Coptic Christian living in Southern California, had violated terms of his prison release. Basseley was convicted in 2010 for bank fraud and released from prison on probation last June.


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Number one gun salesman in America

Psst! Got what you need, right here.

Cabela’s, gun manufacturers gear up for surge in demand. Cabela’s has two contingency plans: stock up on camouflage, boots and underwear for hunters if Romney wins, go heavy on guns if the Messiah pulls it off.

I’m not sure what else I could add to my collection, since I have a suitable weapon for every basic food group I hunt and I just bought a new target pistol, but if purchasing a semi-automatic will be viewed as a protest against this man, I suppose I could find room in the safe.

Nearly 12 million background checks for gun sales took place in the U.S. this year through Aug. 31, up 56% from the same period in 2008, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Customers must undergo background checks before buying firearms from federally licensed sellers.


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Here’s an election promise he kept

White House: murder of our ambassador, attacks on our embassies not caused by hatred of the United States – “they love us!”

And indeed, that’s exactly what the Messiah promised would happen in 2007: “The day I am elected, Muslim hostility will cease”.


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Any enemy of my enemy is my friend

Obama’s DNC broadcasts Red China’s criticism of Romney. Some people would find it offensive to adopt communist propaganda as fodder for an election campaign in America. Some people.



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Oakwood Lane sale price reported

21 16 Okwood Lane sold for $2.3 million. I liked this house, showed it several times to different clients but the only offer we tossed at it was right around this selling price and at the time, the sellers weren’t quite ready to accept it, understandably. That changed, obviously. It sold for $1.675 in 1996 and the new owners put in a lot of money renovating it since then, so $2.3 was a very decent price, for the buyers. This started at $3.895 in 2006-2007 and then, having missed the high water mark of our market, came back on in 2011 at $3.295. A million bucks less than that and they found a buyer.


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Hmm – links are down

I can post words, but when I try to insert a link, WordPress deletes everything. Assuming that’s a temporary glitch, I’m going off to enjoy this beautiful afternoon at the beach and will try again later. Nothing on real estate anyway – couple of ho hum sales, a few price reductions that won’t do the trick, same ol’ same ol.

Off to get a life.

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Nice to know we’re read at Town Hall

Greenwich First Selectman Peter Tesei inspects proposed site of new Senior Center

From the inestimable Finkbeiner, this clip from AOL’s “Patch”

So what happens if a resident sends in a negative review of an employee’s service?

“We try our best to evaluate things objectively — we do a lot of investigation and research [when there’s a complaint],” Tesei said. “If there are instances where the Town has not responded appropriately then please let me know, directly.”

Tesei said the Town is cautious about taking serious accusations about employees at face value. As an example, he said someone recently posted a “fictitious photo” showing a town employee who was “sleeping” on the job on a local blog site. “The person was not an employee of the town — but it was made to look that way,” he said, adding that the photo nevertheless illicited a negative response from some residents.

“This was typical of the type of unjust characterization we have to be careful of,” Tesei said, adding that “fact finding goes a long way toward distilling the truth about a situation.”

Aw, Peter, I thought you’d recognize that rather famous photo of a NYC sanitation worker sleeping, but I guess not. Nothing was “made up” about it, just as the picture above is authentic, although perhaps a tad lacking in accuracy in the labeling department. By the way, ol’ chum, did you happen to follow up on the original reader’s report of town workers cooping behind the Civic Center? He even provided you with the town tag: 109. Result?


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Uh oh – greens now oppose solar energy

Told you so. Greens upset with Interior Department’s plans to install solar power fields on public lands because it might disturb the soil and release greenhouse gasses. Read this article by Erika Johnsen – she not only shreds the entire green movement and its corporate allies, she even gets in a whack at the recyclers. Whatta gal.

To begin: There are multiple different types of people who fall under the category of “environmentalists.” There are the vaguely green-loving, usually urban-dwelling, smugly ‘hip’ types who accept the latest eco-trends (like electric cars and hemp grocery bags and wind energy) as automatic wisdom from on high without doing any research or critical thinking of their own; there are the grungy, hardcore, sometimes borderline violent activists just looking for something to believe in who get just a little too involved in their chosen environmental groups; and then there are the rent-seeking, power-mongering, lobbying, crony-corporatist types who’ve realized that the western world’s governments’ various decisions to prop up politically-favored technologies (usually in order to appeal to voters of the first environmental-ilk I mentioned) presents a major opportunity, among others. I don’t have any doubt that there are plenty of greenies who honestly want to make the world a better, cleaner place (and I’m all for any type of renewable energy that can survive the test of free-market competition, huzzah!), and I’m sure that there are many scientists, academics, and environmental groups with the best of intentions. But there’s plenty about the mainstream environmental movement that teaches people how to notthink for themselves — and don’t make the mistake of thinking that it’s somehow nobler and more immune from politics than other industries, ’cause there’s plenty of money to be had in it.


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Well why not?

Locked, loaded and starving

Man pulls .45 on pregnant smoker. The left doesn’t like abortion clinic bombers but I’m sure they’ll approve of this particular rescue attempt. Next: criminal charges against parents buying Happy Meals. Oh, wait, that’s already happening in San Francisco.


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Say, here’s a surprise

Robert Byrd, patron saint of the Republican Party

Liberal super PAC to the devoted: criticizing Republicans for their policies doesn’t move voters; calling them racists does.

According to an audio recording obtained by The Daily Caller, Matthew “Mudcat” Arnold, the national campaign manager of the liberal CREDO super PAC, told a gathering of supporters in Aurora, Colo., on Sept. 8 that they’ve realized “policy did not move voters.”

He used Iowa Republican Rep. Steve King as an example.

“When we said that Steve King … is pro-life and believes in cutting Social Security and voted for the Ryan budget, no one cared,” Arnold said. “When we said Steve King’s a racist, Steve King believes that immigrants ought to be put in electric fences, people moved.”

I guess we can look forward to a decorous campaign based on civil debate and meaningful policy differences between the parties.


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Our biggest job killer? The EPA

It’s been strangling the country since 1970 – time for it to go.

But for every one of these major outrages, the EPA acts in thousands of obscure cases to stifle or chill economic growth. Because “the environment” can be taken to include nearly everything, the EPA has arrogated to itself the right to control vast areas of American life. Rather than simply regulate emissions, it has chosen to control the design of automobiles and many other types of equipment, down to the subcomponent level, thereby preventing competition or improvement. It has caused millions of construction permits to be denied or delayed, on pretexts ranging from preserving imaginary wildlife migratory rest stops to halting suburban sprawl. It has prevented innumerable individuals from improving their own property, even when improvements — such as draining disease-spreading swamp puddles — are needed to protect public health and safety. It has created mountains of unjustifiable, indecipherable, and fundamentally unknowable regulations, and imposed trillions of dollars in cumulative compliance and litigation costs on businesses of every description.

And so on – the trouble with these regulations is that their economic costs aren’t obvious: who notices when a factory isn’t built, a business isn’t started, a job not created? The costs are there; their effects are not so obvious.

UPDATE: And if you think we’re being pummeled here, check out Germany, where the greens have set their chemical industry on a march to oblivion by stopping fracking and banning nuclear power. Energy costs are expected to increase 30%, at least, and BASF and other manufacturers are paying far more for their feedstock – natural gas – than competitors in other countries. This is all cheered on by the very people who also endorse a cradle-to-grave welfare policy. Hmmm – if there’s no production, who will pay for that generosity?


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