Hmm – links are down

I can post words, but when I try to insert a link, WordPress deletes everything. Assuming that’s a temporary glitch, I’m going off to enjoy this beautiful afternoon at the beach and will try again later. Nothing on real estate anyway – couple of ho hum sales, a few price reductions that won’t do the trick, same ol’ same ol.

Off to get a life.

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  1. Walt

    Dude –
    So how was your day at the beach? It really was a perfect beach day. Where did you go? Tod’s Point? Or Fire Island Pines? I bet Tod’s, because you are cheap on the gas.

    Did you saunter around Tod’s in your little Speedo, with SPF 1,000 rubbed on your nose? I bet you did!! You probably looked like a white nosed pelican. You loser.

    Do you sit on the beach under a little beach umbrella, reading the latest Danielle Steele novel, crying like a little bitch? Or are you reading “Fifty Shades of Gray”, and diddling yourself like a mad little monkey? I vote the latter. Am I right?

    Any hotties out there? NANNIES!! Did you talk to any? Stroll on the beach with them, holding hands, walking in the surf? And then you ate a dead horseshoe crab – whole – that you found on the beach and frightened her. Correct?

    Most likely, you either tapped left foot in the Men’s room, or laid face down on a towel, drilling little two inch holes in the sand dreaming of Ms. McBeal, while you told yourself what a stud you are. So which was it? DON’T LIE!!

    And where is the long awaited Ms. McBeal sexpose’ of swinging in Greenwich and New Canaan? I have not forgotten about that. Was it all a tease? Where is the journalistic integrity?

    Your Pal,