Oakwood Lane sale price reported

21 16 Okwood Lane sold for $2.3 million. I liked this house, showed it several times to different clients but the only offer we tossed at it was right around this selling price and at the time, the sellers weren’t quite ready to accept it, understandably. That changed, obviously. It sold for $1.675 in 1996 and the new owners put in a lot of money renovating it since then, so $2.3 was a very decent price, for the buyers. This started at $3.895 in 2006-2007 and then, having missed the high water mark of our market, came back on in 2011 at $3.295. A million bucks less than that and they found a buyer.


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9 responses to “Oakwood Lane sale price reported

  1. Anonymous

    the backyard is very odd and can’t be used much. the interior is totally outdated. but $2.3 is not bad for the location and size

  2. Catch a Falling Knife

    that is 16 Oakwood Ln, not 21

  3. Anonymous

    Chris, is Oakwood Lane a 1 acre or 2 acre zone street? Trying to figure out what 1.46 acre of land would be worth as a building lot by itself. It is a nice location for sure.

  4. Catch a Falling Knife

    RA-1 – so 1 acre zone

  5. Anonymous

    So I would hazard a guess that 1.46 acres in a 1 acre zone in that location is pretty much worth 2+ MM. Sort of a great deal, get the perfectly adequate house for free.

  6. Anonymous

    Let’s see if a builder bought it due to the oversized house you can build, but yes Chris you have been right, as an investment it makes sense, get the house for free, do not have to worry a ton about maintaining it indefinitely, and let the land value gradually appreciate.