Darwin reaches out from the grave

22-year-old man points gun at head and pulls trigger to demonstrate that it’s unloaded. It wasn’t. Of course it’s a horrible tragedy: the kid’s friends are devastated, he himself was cut up about it, but I’m annoyed at him for adding to the “gun death” statistics. Stupid acts can have fatal consequences and there’s no pulling back a bullet. Teach your kids how to safely handle a gun. While you’re at it, teach them to swim – they’re five times more likely to drown than be shot accidentally.


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5 responses to “Darwin reaches out from the grave

  1. Chimney

    Isn’t it strange and sad that someone who went to West Point didn’t learn the number one rule when handling a firearm- to check to see if it is loaded?

    • I read that but I decided it must be West Point High School. I was taught gun safety by my father, former military but not military academy, and there’s no way anyone taught in that method would ever do what this poor idiot did.

  2. The infantry training every cadet receives at West Point includes small arms training. There’s a pistol range up there and they field a very competitive pistol team. Amazing.

  3. Walt

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  4. Libertarian Advocate

    This is the kind of sad story that makes one wonder whether Karma really does rule our lives.