Gasoline prices reach all time high – twice what they were when Obozo took office

You’re read all about this in the papers, no doubt, just as it’s led off every evening newscast. Oh, it hasn’t? Well, podna, that’s because it ain’t that ol’ debbil Bush in charge now, is it?

But they sure did love pointing out those prices back when they were half what they are now. (Warning: Debbie Wasserman appearance)


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3 responses to “Gasoline prices reach all time high – twice what they were when Obozo took office

  1. Anon

    You forgot a warning: Nancy Pelosi appearance(s).

    The Journ-O-lists are whirling dervishes of spin. Nothing, and I mean nothing, Obama does wrong gets play. Gasoline prices? Pshaw, that’s nothing to report now, is it? Jake Tapper asked Carney one time about Obama’s comment that Egypt is not our ally. Once. Yet that same media shot Romney seven bullets of one question, in rapid fire. No one uses the Rasmussen polls where Obama and Romney are still tied. The lead story by David Muir last night on ABC was how Obama has shot way ahead in all the battleground states. The lying and obfuscating is of huge proportions yet the only outrage is in the conservative media.

    BTW, what’s it cost to fill your new truck?

    • It’s safe to say that each week when I fill it I am reminded that gas prices have doubled, but once I get my home equity loan squared away and sell off my first-born son, I should be good for a while.

  2. Anonymous

    Prices have never retreated from the Katrina spike.

    What good is our trillion dollar defense budget if we can’t have the option to buy cheap gas ?