J’s and the trysting masses

90 is the new 70, at the J

Walt suggests he and I head over to J’s and slip roofies into the drinks of young MILTOFs we might admire. It would certainly require a heavy dose of drugs to convince any woman to bed me, but from what I hear, younger men and women are having just a fine time of it over at the bar/hotel -with or without drugs, I can’t say – so much so, in fact, that many aren’t wasting their money on actually, you know, checking in, and are having a boffing good time over behind Maveis Tire, much to the distress of the poor old widow who still maintains a home there. Will October’s chill bring an end to this bad behavior or will the gentlemen stand firm in their determination and persistence? Maybe we can organize a FWIW flashlight tour of the parking lot in a few weeks and see for ourselves.


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6 responses to “J’s and the trysting masses

  1. Old Mick

    Might not be the best idea to let the world know that there’s an elderly lady living in that house on her own…fwiw

  2. Shoeless

    I know that woman’s son. He lives in OG. She is not alone, I assure you.

  3. Al Dente

    I recall an officer of the law catching me with a young lady once in a similar situation. His flashlight beam suddenly illuminated our tryst, and he yelled “hey, boy, what you doin?” I stammered “we’re just neckin’, officer!” He replied, “well, put your neck back in your pants and get the hell out of here.”

  4. Riverside

    That Mavis corner, with the owners’ house (adjacent to Js and backing up to I-95) and the smaller rental next door (next to Lockwood), has always intrigued me. By that I mean its potential value, versus the decision ( ?) by the the elderly lady, who owns it, to operate it “as is” and live it that small house, right on the highway. It seems an odd choice. Anyone have an opinion about what that corner is worth? Do I recall correctly that the Hojo site next door went for something like $8M?

  5. When some people get old they just don’t want to move their stuff. They are just comfortable as is. I understand that.