Occupy Wall Street is still around – who knew?


Greenwich municipal worker Peter Tesei takes time off to show support for occupy Movement

Well one poor woman does, now. Didn’t Dollar Bill and his ilk vow that these degenerates were just the start of a permanent revolution?

Cops arrested the Occupy Wall Street protester wanted for allegedly raping a 56-year-old woman at the South Street Seaport and throwing her over a second-story railing last Monday.

Jackie Barcliff, 44, turned himself in yesterday afternoon and was arrested and charged with rape and attempted murder for the Sept. 10 attack, which left his victim with a shattered pelvis.

The homeless man, who told his victim his name was Bless, was also charged with the rape of a 14-year-old girl last August in Manhattan.

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One response to “Occupy Wall Street is still around – who knew?

  1. AJ

    Last summer it was said that the Occupy movement was something that Obama was trying to glom on to, to use to advance his own political agenda. That fact that the “movement” has completely disappeared, especially when there is so much to be angry and demonstrate over, suggests that it wasn’t something that Obama just tried to attach himself to, but something completely created and wholly owned by the Obama Administration, sort of like Billy Jack’s “street theater” but on steroids.