The New York Times channels Wisconsin’s Scott Walker


I never did understand this business

Cuts pensions of retired staffers. “They’re just a bunch of washed-up, greedy old fools who were over-promised too much money by my father,” Times heirette Pinch Sulzberger told Peter Tesei. “Look; if something can’t continue, then it won’t. Scott saw that in Wisconsin and we’re just following his lead.”


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2 responses to “The New York Times channels Wisconsin’s Scott Walker

  1. Georgie

    Do as I say, not as I do.

    What hypocrisyy by NYTimes who is consistently pro-union, biased liberal paper who is constantly beating the drums of Big Business and Executives getting all the profits, while the labor employees getting the shaft.

    • America is now run by the Dollar Bills-timid, stupid people incapable of thinking for themselves and desperate for someone in authority to tell them, and everyone else, strangely, what to do and when to do it. See DBs latest comment rejoicing in the total hegemony achieved by our mass media and his palpable relief that now he, like Ilsa, has someone else to do the thinking for him.