A couple of open houses of interest

Four, actually, out of 32? Mostly already-seens and price reductions that don’t quicken my pulse, plus a few new ones priced so that I’m confident I’ll have time to visit them in the coming months.

15 Pinecroft

One sale reported, 15 Pinecroft, asked $5.995, got $5.450, so that’s one of the $5 million crowd off the floor. 160 more to go. This house was interesting in that it has a quasi-colonial exterior and a modern interior. I liked it, some agents did not, but it sold within a few months so we know that the only person whose opinion counts, a buyer, found it acceptable.


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8 responses to “A couple of open houses of interest

  1. observer

    Probably the coldest interior I’ve ever seen, completely lacking any hint of a soul. Appealing to the hedge fund type?

  2. Mark Zandi- analyst – is finally saying what you have been warning about for years in this bloomberg story on RE today

    Shadow inventory is falling in much of the country — except for the Northeast,” said Zandi. “The implication is that house prices will be much weaker in the Northeast in coming years as these distressed properties eventually get sold.”

  3. Anonymous

    Comments on the decor of this stunning house — by buyers or brokers — seems so short-sighted to me. The house is quite “modern” in that the walls and trim are painted sharp white and the furniture is monochromatic and streamlined. That may appear sleek to some, cold to others. However, the bones, layout, moldings, kitchen and architectural details readily lend itself to a more traditional decor. In sum, the house appeals to a wide range or tastes and that may explain why is sold so quickly.

  4. anonymous

    To Anonymous at 5:08pm: Thank you for pointing out to Observer at 9:57 am that the buyer is not purchasing the furniture. They were buying the structure & land. Sounds like Observer is a short-sighted realtor.

  5. Anonymous

    Personally I though the house was refreshing compared to the typical Greenwich genre.

  6. Anonymous

    I couldn’t agree more with the two anonymous comments. It’s so refreshing to see a house in Greenwich that is bright and made for modern family life as opposed to one filled with hunter green plaid and dark wood. I loved both the craftmanship and the decor of this house.