Some sales reported

106 Parsonage: Got sleds?

Only one, 106 Parsonage, was ever actually listed – the other two were private sales that are being reported just for credit in the market share game played by all of us (and nothing wrong with that – we need sale prices, private or public, to establish value).

I’ll admit to not being overly enthusiastic about Tom Gorin’s 106 Parsonage listing when I saw it. An acre of so-so land, a house that I would  have considered ripe for replacement and priced at $2.875, I thought it would linger, and clearly I was wrong and Tom, as usual, was right – sold for full price in just 37 days.

44 Khakum Wood sold for even more: $6.8 million. It sold a year ago for $200,000 – $300,000 less but supposedly some renovations were made. Never saw them, of course, so can’t opine on whether this represents an improvement in the market or just return of money.

And then the selling price of that almost-island at the end of Indian Head Road, 26 Pilot Rock, which I mentioned some months ago had sold privately, was reported today: $15.9 million, which is a lot, eh? Nifty, tiny contemporary with spectacular views down Long Island Sound to NYC and equally stunning views up the Sound to the east. My only quibble, as I pointed out previously, is that it comes with the best striped bass fishing in the area just offshore. That’s handy for the new owner, if he’s a fisherman, but it draws other fishermen like moths to a flame (blues to a bunker?) and they anchor just a few yards from the house at night, lights on, music playing and perhaps even a few beers opened. All that ends by December, of course, when the owner can reopen his windows and enjoy his solitude.


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4 responses to “Some sales reported

  1. Anonymous

    Prefer byram road for the $$$

  2. Anonymous

    26PR sold for 13.3 or 15.9 million? I guess 22PR has been sold as well recently. Location, location, location..

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    I would think even the Libtards would find this amusing:

    Ms McBeal back in DA HOUSE!! You dog!!
    Your Pal,