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Gallup: 67% of Democrats think government should do more for them


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  1. Balzac

    Liberals want a government with a lot of power to help the citizen. They don’t recognize that this results in a government with a lot of power over the citizen.

  2. Inagua

    Balzac – Liberals understand that that their policies result “in a government with a lot of power over the citizen.” It is precisely what they want. Liberals leaders yearn for power; and Liberal followers yearn for security. It is a the dominant political symbiosis of our time.

    You may value freedom and be willing to compete in a free market economy, but the Liberals who do not want to compete in a free market economy regard freedom as “just another word for nothing left to lose.” They want free stuff from the government, not the freedom to fail in a free market.

    And there are many more of them than you.

  3. Chief Scrotum

    Please let me know which companies don’t lobby for benefits (which directly affects all the salary/benefits their “we want free markets” employees have). And the argument that we need government restrictions on others to support us, isnt really a manifestation of free markets thinking but a tool to limit free market competition.

    You do realize that if the “government” pulled all its support from the markets, many large corps would collapse (from boeing to banks to major construction corps), real estate prices would tumble and many of the “we want free markets” crowd would be out of work with-in weeks?

    Actually, eliminating the interest rate deduction would push real estate prices lower quickly. As would the acceleration of foreclosures and making banks pay historical interest rates for funding. Be careful for what you wish.

    You need to consider purging the non-competitive stuff, to begin to get back to free markets.

  4. Al Dente

    The Theme Song and Official Mascot of the Liberal Left: Minnie the Moocher!

  5. RaisedinRiverside

    I always find it ironic when crotchety old people complain about “government controlling too much,” then go ahead and cash their social security checks and enroll in medicare.

  6. Westchesterer

    I thought JFK, the liberal, asked: what you can do for your country?

    I’m hard pressed to support the Republicans who claim to be conservative but are just as big, or even bigger, nanny state Keynesians as the Democrats are.

    It is inexcusable for me to be in favor of cutting the government, and at the same time, parroting increases in military spending and the expansion of a hostile, interventionist, foreign policy.

    When I hear Romney talking about foreign policy, towing the Bush doctrine, it deflates my enthusiasm for the Republican. How can you want to limit the size of government, but expand the empire? The two concepts do are not compatible, philosophically.

    Why don’t Republican talking heads and parrots talk about the economy? They don’t understand the economy. It’s pretty difficult to understand and effrctively communicate. They do understand “bomb bomb bomb Iran.”

    The Democrats pretend to understand the economy, ala, Krugman and “stimulus.” I’d rather call it stealing. They’re just as clueless as the Republicans on the economy. They do understand “a woman’s body.”

  7. Balzac

    Military spending has a tiny effect on our bloated government. Let’s look at some figures. For FY 2012, defense spending is $737 billion or just under 20% of total Federal spending of $3.7 trillion. The deficit will be $1.1 trillion, or 30% of spending. The cumulative cost of 8 years of war (2003-2010) in Iraq plus eleven years (2002-2012) in Afganistan, a total of 19 years of war is under $1 trillion. In other words, a decade of two wars costs less than one year’s Obama deficit. (By the way, he’s had $1 trillion deficits EACH YEAR and projects several years more.)

    He bankrupted the US government and DOESN’T CARE. But the military isn’t the cause.

  8. Anonymous2

    I always get pissed when I see comments such as those from Raised in Riverside who implies there’s something hypocritical or parasitic in people who accept their Social Security or Medicare benefits.

    Both programs are government imposed forced savings. Those benefits are nothing more than government returning to its actual owners money that was snatched during their working years. Social Security and Medicare are thus very different from outright welfare handouts such as Food Stamps, Medicaid, SCHIP and so on.

    I’m no great fan of either Social Security or Medicare because I could have done far better providing for myself had the government not demanded I join its forced savings programs. But having been forced to pay up, why should I now give up that money? It’s mine. By taking my own money I am not taking the taxpayers’.

    Romney’s statements about the 47% (and about the Libya/Cairo incidents) are thus a breath of fresh air and confirmation that there’s at least one adult in the room. Moreover, the hysterical whining from the Obaministas and their media enablers increase my concern about what may happen if those bastards are given another four years to fuck us over.

  9. Westchesterer

    The federal government revenue is 2.46 trillion. Defense spending is 737$ billion. That’s 30% of all federal revenue. The government needs to be cut in half, and part of that includes defense.

    I can’t argue with hawks who cry about the welfare state and do not accept that the military state is part of that welfare state. Big government is big government. I don’t want any part of it and the difference to me between the big government Democrats and big government Republicans is nothing.

    Bush increased the debt more than almost every predecessor before him combined. He doubled the debt. Obama will do the same. In percentages Obama increased the debt 50% in one term. Bush increased the debt 100% in two terms. What’s the difference?

    You people haven’t learned anything in the last decade.

  10. Libertarian Advocate

    Inagua: It seems that at some point in your life you were a Janis Joplin and/or Johnny Cash fanboy.

  11. RaisedinRiverside

    Yeah, you worked for it – past tense. I’m currently working for it and contributing to it, and guess what? There’s not going to be anything left for the younger generations. At least you’re getting some of your money back.

    I’m not saying Obama has done a good job — but nothing has shown me that Romney will be an improvement. Besides all of you on the far right and all those on the far left, most of us in the middle are very undecided and not optimistic about either option.

  12. Balzac

    Westchesterer, you are confirming one essential truth: all the politicians who are not expressly committed to conservative, small-government principles eventually evolve into enablers of big flabby ineffective government.

    Among the four Obama, Biden, Romney and Ryan, at least Ryan can be trusted not to evolve (slide) into big-government-ism.

  13. Inagua

    LA – Right you are. Most of the best singers and song writers are Lefties. Our side has most of the good thinkers; their side has most of the good artists.

  14. Westchesterer

    Musicians are not exactly known for their logical prowess.

  15. hmmm

    Raised in riverside,

    What are you talking about? If Obama and romney knocked on your door and they both said come with me I have a great opportunity for you. Who are you going with? Romney has built businesses do you need to see him on a unicorn?

    Do us a favor vote for the current admin let me know how that works out for you. Risk is a part of life and calculated risk is how you elevate yourself maybe you should give it a try.