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5 responses to “Druxaposition

  1. Balzac

    A propos of nothing, is the Himes campaign allowed to plant its lawn sign among the pretty flowers in the traffic circle in front of the Perrot Library?

    Why doesn’t the Town enforce its sign ordinance, which only allows signs when placed on private owners’s lots?

    Is Himes going to win, and keep wreckin’ the joint with his pal Nancy Pelosi?

    • I can’t keep up with the laws governing political signs – that’s Fudrcuker’s job – but First Amendment rights almost certainly permit the placement of political signs on public property. It’s my understanding that both parties in town honor a private moratorium on placing their candidate ads on school grounds but even this modest bit of restraint is always followed because of over-zealous volunteers.
      My two questions about these signs:Has anyone in the history of the world ever switched their vote because they saw a campaign poster on their way to the polls; and, who, exactly are the goofs who put these signs up? I assume they’re those same enthusiastic morons who used to comprise the AV group in junior high, now all grown up, and they’re sent off with signs just to get them out of the campaign office.
      But who knows?

  2. Anonymous

    By the way, UC Riverside should be shut down if that study is the kind of “science” they produce on demand from special funders with an agenda. According to the news story, they claim one commercial produced hamburger pollutes more than a single diesel tractor driving 143 miles. Mind boggling.


  3. hmmm

    The av group that’s funny shit

  4. Walt

    Dude –
    I just had an epafan…an inpifan….I just had a light bulb go off in my head. What is the biggest hit on Broadway? The Book of Mormon!!

    People love it. I think the South Park dudes wrote it. It is like a two year wait to get a ticket. I never saw it, because I am not into the whole Broadway thing. Too flamboyant. If I have to go all the way to Times Square, why not see some Swedish Porno. Am I right?

    So it dawned on me that religion, all religion, is comedy GOLD!! Have you ever really thought about how funny Nuns are? They are hysterical, I tell ya!! And they beat the snot out of me in grammar school!!

    And circumcision. Remember the Rabbi snipping the kid in a car on the bumpy road that SNL did? GENIUS!! Christian Fundamentalist snake handlers? To easy!!

    So I am thinking we need to start a new treatment. Working title “72 Virgins”. Or maybe “Allah Akbar”?

    Think about the whole 72 Virgins thing. How it would really work. I could do three acts on that alone. After a week, you have to realize it is not heaven, but hell!! The chances of taking a dump in peace are ZERO!! Watch Monday Night Beheadings on ABC? NO CHANCE!! And you deal with these 72 nags without drugs or alcohol? UNPOSSIBLE!!

    Then we explore Muslim Rage!! Of course they are angry. They have to Honor Kill their daughters because they were raped. Because that is what Allah wants!! Look at the absurdity of it!! And you can do this funny. Well maybe not you Dude, but I can!! Do you see the comic potential in this? You loser.

    Anyhows, given our towel headed friends do not seem to have the best sense of humor on this stuff, I will ghost write it and give you full writing credit. OK? That is a great deal for you, you load. But an 80/20 profit split. My favor. And you buy the pens and yellow legal pads. Go to Staples in the morning, and shop lift them if you feel lucky.

    I think we need to write it at your place. You have a bunker and guns, right? I will bring the baklava. And wear a burkha.
    Your Pal,