Shilling: look for another 20% drop in prices

Nothing too surprising here, but bound to disappoint home sellers all the same. All real estate is local, yadayadyada, which is true, but I don’t see how Greenwich is so very different in this instance. Here’s just one of the Shilling-supplied charts. Check them all out, if you’re feeling just a touch too exuberant today.


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4 responses to “Shilling: look for another 20% drop in prices

  1. Anon44

    The breaking news is that the inspector general didn’t like the Fast and Furious deal. I bet all the tea in China CNN and MSNBC will still roll the Romney video and skip this “little incident” altogether.

  2. AJ

    Boss Hogg explains how the banksters work:

  3. Anonymous

    Now that the housing bust is over, what are you going to blog about? Time to find a new topic.

    • I could always write about the poor people who, told that the housing bust was over, rushed to overpay for houses in the conviction that ever-higher prices would bail them out. That ought to give me material for years.