Getting a bit more serious


636 Riversville Rd

636 Riversville Road chopped $500,000 off its price today but it’s still asking $6.250 million which, while an improvement over the original 2010 price of $7.590 still leaves it in our least-desired price range. Fabulous house on five acres; if it weren’t (almost) in Armonk, it’d be more attractive.


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4 responses to “Getting a bit more serious

  1. Left Coast Yankee

    From the air the house looks like a Levittown cul-de-sac.

  2. wickets

    out of curiosity; when people buy $7m+ homes, does the subject of oil heating come up…. costs etc

    • Generally, no, and that’s true for even much less expensive homes. When I point out that a house has, say, a Buderus boiler/furnace that’s 95% efficient they yawn and ask whether there’s tumbled marble in the girl’s bathroom suite. I think that’s short-sighted, but there you are.

  3. Anonymous

    Wow. The interior was completely unexpected compared to the exterior, not my style but it looks beautiful.