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Unless you consider four cheap rentals, a bank-owned multi-family in Byram asking $330,000 and a house under $3 million “news” (actually, a multi-family, even in Byram, for $330,000 probably is news), then nothing worth commenting on has been reported today.

12 Hendrie Drive

One sale: 12 Hendrie Drive in Old Greenwich, $1,276,200.  One tiny house, on one very tiny lot. I’m sure glad I’m not trying to move into town with a young family to house.


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  1. RaisedinRiverside

    Is 2000sf really considered a “tiny house?”I grew up in a 1400sf house (5 of us) and we survived just fine. How much square footage does a couple with a baby or two really need for a starter house?

    • How big is your present house and do you think you’re more representative of the typical buyer today or were your parents say, 40 years ago? Of course you’re right in the sense that no one “needs” 10,000 sq. ft. and a pool, and a custom built 101′ yacht and an …. – but Wall Streeters seem to think they do and since they’re the ones buying houses these days, that’s what’s selling.

  2. RaisedinRiverside

    I’m representative of first-time home buyers that care more about the neighborhood than the size of the house (and can’t buy a McMansion) — so sales like this makes sense to me. To each his own!

  3. Anonymous

    i’ve always thought 400 sq. ft per person is a decent min. benchmark for wiggle room, i.e., not wanting to kill your housemates–be it family, friends, etc..