What I’ve been trying to say, but this observer is articulate

Obama leading? Blame our schools and media. From David Gelenter (professor at Yale, of all places!) Here’s a snippet, read the whole thing.


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  1. Al Dente

    I see he is a professor of Comp Sci, which means he has logic going for him, something the Poli Sci and Sociology beatniks don’t. He is truthful.

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    I am making a lot of progress on “72 Virgins”. I can relate to the Camel Jockey rage about blasphemous writing, being a regular reader of your blog and all, but I am having trouble understanding this whole suicide bombing thing.

    How do you conclude it is a good idea to strap bombs to your body, and blow yourself up? Or fly a plane into a building? There is no exit strategy, which is always essential to a good plan. I really think these Towel Heads are not thinking this whole thing through.

    Even if you have 72 cherries waiting for you on the other side, then what? Why 72? Don’t you think that is gluttony? Is that not a sin to Muslimania? And after you pop them, then what? Do they no longer serve a purpose? Is the whole Muslim doctrine based on “one and done”? They place no value on experience? How do they decide which cherry to pop first? I assume the one with the biggest cans, right? That is how I would pick. How would you decide?

    Anyhows, I need you to do some research on this? OK? Asking you to detonate yourself in Ole’s Creek may be crossing the line I think. Right? Plus after you explode yourself, you won’t be available to do an interview. Even though it would probably be your best one.

    I think we need you to find a failed suicide bomber. Are they the world’s biggest loser, or what? Isn’t the sneaker bomb guy still around? Reach out to him. We need to get inside his head, and figure out what the hell he was thinking. No worries, I will write the questions for you. Did he choose Converse or Keds? If he picked Keds we know he is a fag. And the Slum’s despise fags, but they like to boff little boys, so we need to figure that whole thing out. Why not exploding gloves?

    This is starting to shape up nicely, Dude. Start contributing or we are changing the split to 90/10, my favor.
    Your Pal,

  3. Balzac

    Gee, that guy Gelernter is brilliant. Attending his classes might actually justify the $50 grand Yale charges.

    Obama repeats the message that Republicans are cruel, uncaring, anti-science, polluting and selfish. This message is dominant in our culture, schools and media, as Gelernter says. Is it any wonder that no one wants to put a Romney sticker on their bumper, or tell a pollster that they intend to vote Republican? But for the sake of the country and especially the middle class, let’s hope that in the privacy of the voting booth, Americans will ignore the slanted culture and make thoughtful decisions for themselves.

  4. FF

    Balzac – sounds like you are already rehearsing the post-election excuses. Its the pollster fault! Its the MSM’s fault! Its the college professors’ fault! Everything except a deeply, deeply flawed candidate well out of step with an electorate that, in my view seemed until a few weeks ago, dying to vote out Obama. It ain’t over by any stretch in my view, but you seem to think so. What ever happened to personal responsibility? Seems to have lost on you because you seem free to blame everyone else for your (political) problems

  5. Anonymous

    His name is Gelernter and you may remember him as one of the unabombers victims (lost a hand and eye).


  6. Just read comments to Peggy Noonan in wsj.com. She said Romney’s campaign is poor and organized. Most of the comments blame Peggy for loving Obama (she is a Republican who wrote for Bush I), and the MSM. When in doubt, and the facts are overwhelming, blame the media.
    A thought: I note on this blog that there are quite a few individuals who say, no, I am not a Republican, I am a libertarian. Now I always thought that was a convenient way out to avoid saying, “I am really a Republican, I just don’t want to admit it.” If this is true, then how come we see these “libertarians” all in for Willard? The fact that he is such a poor candidate seems to build the intensity of these “libertarians”, which is really a head scratcher since Romney is now going to the middle, or as far from being a “libertarian” as possible.
    Can anyone shed some light on this???

    • Given a choice between a man hell-bent on destroying America,free enterprise and our economy, Romney is seen (but not by all commentators here) as the lesser of two evils- in fact, there’s really no comparison-4 more years of Obama will be ruinous.

  7. AJ

    FF, Obama, with his the one thing I’ve learned from being president is that you can’t change Washington from the inside, is telling us, I think, that he needs to lose so that he can finally bring us the hope and change we can believe in. I took his hope and change message at face value and was a strong Obama supporter. I say give the man a second chance to prove he’s more than just another globalist puppet. Vote him out of office and give him one more chance to prove he is a man of his word and to prove he truly can deliver the hope and change we can all believe in. And then if he can’t, well pooh on him.

  8. Balzac

    FF, may I suggest that you actually read my remarks rather than speculating on my personal views? Would you like to provide any evidence to contradict that the culture is slanted, a view held by Gelernter, CF, me, and every other realistic observer?

    OBAMA POLICY SUCCEEDS! Yesterday the front page of the Wall St. Journal carried a story that the Bank of America plans to eliminate 16,000 jobs nationwide by the end of the year. As a progressive, are you proud to see some of the long-hoped-for results from the President’s policy of reducing the importance and influence of banking in the US economy?


    (We’re not supposed to care about the loss of dignity and income of the 16,000 bankers, are we? Every one of them is a one-percenter who deserves to come down a peg, no?)

  9. Feisty

    Here, here Balzac! Romney may be a “flawed, flawed” candidate, but I’ll take him over Obama ANY day of the week. And while I don’t have a bumper sticker on my car (I don’t have ANY bumper stickers on my car), I will tell anyone who asks that I’m voting for Romney!

  10. AJ

    The unabomber, another fine example of Harvard’s finest, though I think Elizabeth Warren is a little better looking member of that same tribe. Let’s ask some members of that other tribe she claims to belong to what they think of her run for the Senate.Their comments begin at :42 into the clip.

  11. Peg

    I say I am a libertarian because no party really represents my beliefs. I’m a “classical liberal” … In other words, I believe in freedom of all sorts, personal autonomy, small government pretty much everywhere that it’s possible.

    I embrace fiscal responsibility and am pretty much socially liberal. If Republicans would embrace the latter – I’d be a whole hog Republican. If Democrats somehow would return to CLASSICAL liberalism, I’d support them.

    Maybe before I die this change will occur. In the meantime, I am not holding my breath! AND… I agree with those who say, givent the choice, we have to vote for Romney. At least we’ll still have a nation worth saving that way….

  12. Balzac

    Very interesting to learn of Gelernter’s, shall we say, interaction with the unabomber. Gee, why would someone who was nearly killed by a mindless product of the lefty academic culture be a prominent critic of that culture?

    *A conservative is a liberal who has been mugged by reality.*

  13. AJ

    Here, here? Feisty, sounds like you just escaped from Parliament Hill. I live just down the street from the place; was that you I saw running by? I do like your message though — bumper sticker or not — carry on!

  14. Anonymous

    Peg, I’m with you although I’m a registered Dem (haven’t voted for any since 2006). What fanatics like FF and Bob A. don’t realize is that while their numbers of registered voters “look good” they’re losing believers left and right over their own policy choices and candidate positions.

    I really should change my party affiliation but it’s kinda fun being a subversive and being able to vote against their chosen candidates in a primary election. 😆

  15. Peg

    What I cannot figure out is this. Not all, but a sizeable majority of the people I know – whether they call themselves Democrats or Republicans – seem to believe that a responsible fiscal government with moderately liberal social values is the way to go. I wholeheartedly believe that if Republicans could soften their social views…. at least state that early in a pregnancy, decisions should be left up to a woman – and that all of us, irrespective of our sexual orientation, should be entitled to have a legal relationship with the consenting adult that they love – that Republicans would then win tons and tons more elections than they do now.

    I know that many social conservatives will state that they just couldn’t bring themselves to give up their push to the far right politically. Yet, here’s what I don’t understand. By continuing to insist on a far right position, they don’t end up with something a bit more to the right than middle – or middle. They too often end up with a Barack Obama – a man who cannot bring himself to vote for a bill that will protect an infant born alive from an abortion.

    What is better? Moderate abortion laws and laws about social covenants? Or people on the Supreme Court and laws throughout our land that will enshrine the nanny state and far leftist principles for decades to come?