Maybe this is the best reason out there for electing Romney

He might – I say might – stop the EPA from shutting down all energy sources except propeller beanies long enough for us to witness the failure of Europe, which is so much further along that path to destruction than we are. I say give Germany four more years, and then let’s reassess.

Germany is way ahead of us [Great Britain] on the very path our politicians want us to follow – and the problems it has encountered as a result are big news there. In fact, Germany is being horribly caught out by precisely the same delusion about renewable energy that our own politicians have fallen for. Like all enthusiasts for “free, clean, renewable electricity”, they overlook the fatal implications of the fact that wind speeds and sunlight constantly vary. They are taken in by the wind industry’s trick of vastly exaggerating the usefulness of wind farms by talking in terms of their “capacity”, hiding the fact that their actual output will waver between 100 per cent of capacity and zero. In Britain it averages around 25 per cent; in Germany it is lower, just 17 per cent.

The more a country depends on such sources of energy, the more there will arise – as Germany is discovering – two massive technical problems. One is that it becomes incredibly difficult to maintain a consistent supply of power to the grid, when that wildly fluctuating renewable output has to be balanced by input from conventional power stations. The other is that, to keep that back-up constantly available can require fossil-fuel power plants to run much of the time very inefficiently and expensively (incidentally chucking out so much more “carbon” than normal that it negates any supposed CO2 savings from the wind).

Both these problems have come home to roost in Germany in a big way….


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3 responses to “Maybe this is the best reason out there for electing Romney

  1. Cos Cobber

    Romney aint winning, so just stop right there.

  2. NRA

    Ain’t winning where, exactly? In the MSM reporting and “polls?”

    Romney in a landslide – especially Ohio and Florida. CT is in play. Won’t even be close.

  3. Balzac

    Energy policy requires common sense and respect for the engineering realities and for the massive amounts of capital required. Are we surprised that liberals fail at energy?

    Among energy sources, wind power is the biggest despoiler of land. Liberals used to like to preserve green spaces, but not any more. If America were to use wind power to replace just its transport fuel, it would require wind farms of 1/3 the area of the lower 48 states! Mindless. But very in, among some of the Connecticut mommies.

    The wind blows in West Texas and the Dakotas, so let’s put the facilities there. But these are among the places with the LEAST need for power – there are no people. Oops. Also, the wind blows at night, intermittently. SO, we have to move the power. That means lots of new ugly transmission lines and towers. Oops.

    Power from wind and solar power is intermittent, because wind and sunshine aren’t constant on God’s earth. But power demand is fairly constant. So the new thing in the energy business is to build gas-fired power plants to back-up the wind and solar. Think about it: the liberals think that building a wind/solar plant reduces fossil fuel plant-building. It doesn’t. Oops.

    The Japanese are going to give up on nuclear power. This means a huge increase in coal usage. Oops.

    The Chinese, like all fast-growing economies, have fast growing energy demand. Coal is the only economic source. Liberals don’t like it, but coal is the ramp to overcoming poverty for a billion people. (Actually 2 billion, counting the Indians.) So coal use will grow, regardless of enviros in Oregon trying to prevent the building of the port facilities to export US coal.

    Liberals are in love with that one ideal energy source: NONOBTAINIUM.