Catching up on today’s activity

27 Bible Street

Two sales: 27 Bible Street, $522,000 and 137 Milbank, $3.385 million. Bible has two very small bedrooms an an 0.06 – acre yard, but it looks tidy. Milbank looks like Milbank – asked $4.395 million originally but that was obviously overly aggressive. Still a hefty sale, though.

Accepted offer: 7 Ford Lane, Old Greenwich. Last sold for $4.450 million in 2003, asked and, given its short time on the market, probably is getting, $5.495 this time. Wow.

Price reduction: 18 Porchuck Road, from $9.5 million to $6.9 in one swell foop. Wow again – this was probably a much more attractive place when it was built in 1929 before the Merritt came through.

14 Hearthstone – photoshopped by Clouds in my Coffee, Inc.

And new listings include yet another Hearthstone building lot, this time #24 and also asking $1.4 million. That’s what these lots have been selling for so you can’t fault the pricing but I wonder whether the music will stop for homeowners when they run out of builders or whether the entire inventory of existing homes here will go?

47 Round Hill Road is back as a new listing – it expired unsold three days ago at $7.995 million so they’re asking $8.195 now. You snooze, you loose, buster.


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12 responses to “Catching up on today’s activity

  1. Anonymous

    Hefty pricing for Millbank but I see the allure of a thoroughly modern luxury house in walking distance to town with very little yard to maintain.

  2. Fred2

    Maybe it’s the pictures but the carpets at Porchuck are giving me a headache. The place looks lovely though.

  3. Gutsy move raising the price on 47 Round Hill. That’ll teach all of those thieving buyers a lesson they won’t soon forget.

  4. Pissed in O.G.

    7 Ford Lane is the house I had the AO that got busted.

  5. Cos Cobber

    Wow, that Ford Lane house sure is purdy.

  6. Dan

    Really curious how deep that Hearthstone/riverside quarter acre building lot market is… If these builders don’t all have end users lined up – could get messy a year from now.

  7. dogwalker

    137 Milbank has a much bigger yard to maintain than most of the new construction downtown, and half of it is on a hill, but it is relative. They were luck to get almost $3.4!

  8. anonymous

    what’s the deal with 24 meadow riv….been on for a long time…but hearthstone is the hot street?

    • Way overpriced ($2.495) to begin with and it’s still in no-man’s land at $2.2, because that’s too high to sell as land and not low enough to attract someone looking at it as a house. It’s a perfectly nice home and certainly one that I’d be happy (even grateful) to live in, but it’s dated, with low ceilings, small kitchen, obsolete layout and, basically, isn’t new and won’t lend itself to a renovation very easily.
      None of which will matter at the right price: obviously, this isn’t the right price.