Pay me $5,000 and the job’s done

See? I’m smiling, I’m smiling!

Peter Tesei (is it just me or is Peter looking more and more like Little Lord Fauntleroy as his tenure extends?) has committed to spend $50,000 to train town employees how to be nice to the public. Okay, so just because I’m a trusting soul, I’m going to reveal how Peter can accomplish this for free – he can send me my reward later. Ready? Disband the unions.

Yup – if a surly employee knew that she could get her fat ass fired for treating taxpayers with contempt and disdain, she’d refrain from giving in to her basic nature. No training necessary – self-presevation is a natural instinct.


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22 responses to “Pay me $5,000 and the job’s done

  1. Al Dente

    What a tool.
    You can’t teach courtesy. Either you have it or you don’t.

  2. anon

    One thing he is not faking is the fact there is less and less of him. He is shrinking. Maybe that’s why his clothes look so huge on him (not because they are borrowed from Moe and Shep (or whatever those Fifi Steinmetz Vineyard Vines grandchildren are named). He must be getting in shape for job interviews. Or it’s all those workouts in his home gym and sauna in his million dollar house. Whatever. The guy is shrinking before our eyes. Aren’t you worried?

  3. Anonymous

    “$50,000 to train town employees how to be nice to the public”

    We town taxpayers have to spend $ 50,000 to train town employees living off of our largess to be nice to us??!!!??!

    Words fail.

  4. Chief Scrotum

    $50Gs is cheap. Consider if you have them stop doing their work, travel to a classroom, have to prepare and read study materials, travel back to work place, begin to implement what they’ve learned eg, there is a learning and cost curve involved here. But basically not doing the job they were hired to do, my bet is that the “real” cost is at least two to three times $50Gs.

    Probably paid overtime to catch up on the work they were supposed to be doing to. But, good manners are priceless, so another wise investment.

  5. CatoRenasci

    As an RTM member (yes, I know, a great exercise in futility), I went to the launch party for this nonsense. What a complete waste! It was a party for the Town employees to all take a break, hear them lauded by Tesi, fawned over by some consultant who’s been hired on, and snack down on the usual catered fruit and cheese and crackers plates, and soft drinks. The few RTM members I saw there all shook their heads and left shortly.
    I suppose Peter Tesi was the less worse candidate between him and John Blankley – whom I know and personally like, but am convinced he would be far too free with our money. It’s as if with the Republicans in Town Hall they’re constantly engaged in petty waste (which I would consider this friendliness training boondoggle), with the Democrats in Town Hall its waste on a more obvious scale with abject surrender to the unions and boondoggle projects. And, as the Tesi pointed out the other day, we’ve got big obligations coming and it will not be possible to keep tax increases as low as we’ve been (which were far too high in the economic climate, anyway). Cynicism is an insufficiently negative response.

  6. not saying

    Saw Tesei last night in –horrors- Stamford, at the Ferguson Library. At a lecture on civility in America. I kid you not. He came alone. He got a big hello from Mayor Pavia.

  7. Peg

    One day this will all stop – because it has to do so. I just wonder what shape we’ll all be in by then…. shudder to think!!

  8. Just_looking

    JFK signed in law municipal unions as pay back for his election (joe’s concept).
    Private sector employees are generally countered by management since management is rewarded with the money that they keep from lower level employees (productivity improvements).
    Municipal employees are not on the opposite side of the table as management and they all share in the trough of other peoples money, so unions are not needed.
    Expose the lunacy of the concept, reverse the law and get us back on track.

  9. Stanwich

    Really CF, you have to stop this petty pissing match with Tesei. He is a good guy. If you think you could guide this big, fat, white elephant of a town bureaucracy any better, than allow me to nominate you at the next RTC meeting for the Board of Selectmen.

    Usually you see the forest through the trees but let me help you here since you seem to be blinded here: “Train” the employees, give them a set of rules and procedures whereby they must be “nice” and let them know that “courtesy counts”. It provides the baseline to push people out that are truly horrid (note to lady at front desk, this means you). The “training” is a requisite, lest some union asshole sue the town upon getting fired for being a rude bitch. In time this plan will come together and we will see improvement in service.

    • Stan, if an employee doesn’t understand that part of any job dealing with the public requires basic courtesy she has no business being hired in the first place. A training program to point this out is ridiculous. Now, a cattle prod applied to the buttocks …

  10. Georgie

    It is mentioned that somehow through suggestion boxes at the departments—we the taxpayer will have revelations for the Town leadership to improve customer service. WHY oh WHY do people think its MY job to tell you the obvious. What the hell is the job of the First Selectman, Town Administrator etc.

    Well, Town leadership here’s a fast and free tip from this taxpayer—AUTOMATE all that you can to get rid of the Town bloated staff. That’s right—there are TOO MANY indifferent, slow-moving employees doing simple, basic manual work that easily could be done with cheap, easily implemented automation. Fuck the smile—I just need my transaction done in the quickest, most efficient manner possible.

    I know that you know this—but you dare not do this because those employees are the very people that keep you in office. You protect their job at each labor negotiation contract and in return they reelect you. What a cozy, warm relationship its been for years.

    Please no more Task Forces, Blue Ribbon Committee’s, Special Projects, etc etc……you know what truly needs to be done, but alas, one doesn’t bit the hand that feeds him.

  11. Riverslide

    You’re absolutely right. Coutesy does not count because of the unions.

    Peter is doing this because he knows taxpayers have issues with discourteous town employees and he doesn’t want this to be an issue in his next election. He can either spend $50K and put a fig leaf on the problem, or make an example of a few really outrageous employees and take on the union. He is clever enough to know the first option will present fewer political problems.

  12. AJ

    Anon @ 9:41, did you mean shrinking as in: “…According to the report, the study’s leaders claim to have bona fide research that says the average size of a penis is roughly 10 percent smaller than it was 50 years ago…”

    Or did you mean shrinking as in:

    Either way, it’s a scary idea. And yes, I am worried.

  13. It's the residents' town, not the employees' town

    Stan. It’s not that Tesi’s not a good guy, it’s he’s a weak guy. Striving to create consensus and good feelings isn’t a bad thing, but sometimes you have to accept that the interests of the taxpayers take precedence over the interests of the employees.

  14. Just_looking

    Stanwich, good read. Makes sense.

  15. anon

    As a town employee does Peter have to take the course?

  16. Balzac

    The cattle-prod theory of municipal management……gotta love that.

  17. anonyous

    I saw Tesei and his family having dinner at the Indian Harbor Yacht Club a couple of weeks ago with socialites Michael Kovner and Jean Doyen de Montaillou. He was wearing red pants. de Montaillou is a decorator. Maybe he is decorating Tesei’s new house.

  18. Georgie

    Riverslide—i wish the issue was “discourteous” town employees” ….how about just UNPRODUCTIVE. Chris, and so many of his readers have shown and written about the “hard work” our Town employees provide…..would it really make a difference to you if they were smiling?

    But, you did indeed, write the true objective—which is always the reason things like this are done—-RE-ELECTION. Its never about efficiency and producing better results for the taxpayer Town resident—its the APPEARANCE of doing something.

  19. AJ

    It is the APPEARANCE of doing something. One day back in the mid-sixties, I was walking up Lexington Avenue and noticed a guy making fresh squeezed orange juice in one of those open, store front booths. What was interesting was the way he made orange juice, how he tossed the oranges up, then snatched them out of the air, doing every little movement with great flair. It gave the appearance of moving very quickly and efficiently. Since then I have adopted the movement with flair to almost everything I do, and it has made me the fastest lazy-ass, slow guy around. Whoa that guy is fast! Heh, heh.