The D.C. Stangler resurfaces

Odd little bit of news from Twitter: Brunswick grad Cole Stangler is now following my posts. I took the kid to task a year ago for his adoration of Che Guevara but really, I haven’t devoted much thought to him since. Maybe Dollar Bill’s brought him in as part of a troll tag team – even DB must run out of idiotic things to say, once in a while.

UPDATE: Cobra points out that our young commie is wearing a Ferarri T-shirt – why do I suspect that he’s not doing that as an ironic expression of disillusionment with the consumerist, material world he was forced to endure here in Greenwich?


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16 responses to “The D.C. Stangler resurfaces

  1. Georgie

    Something creepy about this…

  2. Cobra

    Wearing a Ferrari t-shirt instead of his usual Che garment. How dichotomous.

    • Brunswick grads tend to focus on trendy, not substantive thought. I passed up the opportunity to comment on a story last week announcing Brunswick’s new “character building” program but it did occur to me to suggest that focusing on a principled theory of logical reasoning might do a better job of building character than rope tugs in the wilderness.

  3. Chaucer

    the magazine for which he writes, counterpoint, hasn’t put up an article since whan that Aprillle….

    I’ll give it a “wanna bet?” to this in their mission statement:
    The editorial position of the magazine will be progressive in outlook, but not limited by affiliations of party or creed.

  4. Cos Cobber

    CF, you fool, all the great dictators loved Ferrari.

  5. Anonymous

    I think he’s a very confused young man. Rails at Romney/Reps, rails at Obama Dems, apparently loves Ron Paul, and still praises OWS and socialism.

    Twinkle fingers confused…

  6. Al Dente

    Maybe they’re making the Ferrari in Cuba now, it comes with an inflatable raft for travel to Miami.

  7. anon

    it’s fun to see who follows HIM: profiles of some of his fellow deep Twitter thinkers:

    1. charlotte sometimes dreams a wall around herself – the cure
    2. A justice seeking hell raiser who howls at the moon every chance she gets. Intent on changing the world one smile at a time.
    3. I’m me
    4. Certainly there is no hunting like the hunting of man and those who have hunted armed men long enough and like it never really care for anything else thereafter
    5. Struggle and Transcendence is the theme and what all of us can do to help others transcend even as we do ourselves
    6. I like butts and Beyoncé and also I’m a ginger.
    7. i like to think about stuff.
    8. in chaos, i yawn.
    9. questioning my sanity since 1993

  8. Anonymous

    whats up with georgetown these days…sandra (backseat) fluke and this DB? who’s next …let me geuss O’s daughter??

  9. Libertarian Advocate

    Off Topic: Seems Lizzie Warren practiced law in Massachusetts without the benefit of a Mass law license. Don’t you just love those liberals who are happy to make laws for the rest of us, but are quite convinced they are themselves exempt??

  10. Anthony Fountain

    Anonymous 9:14 am: Georgetown is a Jesuit institution. When the Jebbies went off the deep end, the university followed suit.

  11. Winding Lane

    Someone’s a touch jealous their young ones didn’t get to attend Wick/GA or St. Paul’s, Hotchkiss, Deerfield, Choate, or either Phillips. Let the kid live his life.

    • I’m not the one following him, I assure you. But to be cruel, if this young man is a representative sample of what’s produced by Brunswick and George Washington, then a tuition refund is in order.

  12. anon

    Wick? GA? Phillips? That guy on Winding Lane must have sold a lot of pizzas to get himself out of the Bronx.

  13. Buff

    Cole Stangler’s parents must have watched the Paul Thomas Anderson movie BOOGIE NIGHTS. Cole Stangler is no Dirk Diggler, but almost.

  14. Historian

    Winding Road’s just slightly deluded. If I’m not mistaken, GHS kids get into Georgetown and all the other top colleges as well. And, when they get in, they are a likely a lot better prepared to compete bc they’ve had to function in a real competitive environment with a large pool of intelligent, ambitious students. Is Brunswick committed to accepting the best and brightest ? Appears unlikely since there are only 5 or so slots open every year for new students. So, who’s raising the bar for scholastic excellence over there…the 5 academic “ringers” they bring in each year ?