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Michelle extends her federal school menu to Spain

You’re right – it DOES taste like shit

Hungry forage in dumpsters. “But we’ve got them down to just 600 calories a day!”, First Lady crows.


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Gotta love it

It’s September 25th, the election’s just around the corner and Liawatha Warren is still forced to waste her time and other people’s money defending her phony Indianess claim. Now if only we can get Harry Reid to start denying his rumored penchant for pederasty, we’re set.


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No one tell Thomas Friedman

Chinese officials order road construction workers to crush protestor with bulldozer (awful image – beware).  This is how the much vaunted (by Friedman) Chinese infrastructure gets built so quickly. I heard another story this morning on either BBC or NPR detailing the Chinese policy of forcing mothers to abort 8-month-old fetuses; I’ll see if I can’t find that report and link it here so we can have the miracle of China depicted in one easy-to-find location.


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Light blogging, busy real estate

28 Meadow Drive (with garage)

Which, after all, is sort of how I try to make a living, so this is all good. Anyway, I won’t write about the house I was showing this morning, naturally, because I’d prefer to sell it than tell you about it (now), and there wasn’t much excitement on the open house tour, so we’ll skip right to sales – there are three reported so far.

28 Meadow Drive, Cos Cob, asked $799,999, got $799,000 so there’s your floor for basic Cos Cob shelter these days, I guess. The listing describes it as a “contemporary gem” but the agent must have mixed up its pictures because the ones she posted show a tired old balloon frame house with a 1993 kitchen which I suppose was indeed contemporary 20 years ago, if Sears could be accused of selling contemporary cupboards. Perfectly nice-looking house, though, for this price.

35 Midbrook Drive in the Laddin’s Rock neighborhood of Old Greenwich asked $1.475 million and sold for $1,394,250. The sellers paid $1.369 in 2011, so they made out well. As an observation, and one made with absolutely no knowledge of what transpired during negotiations here, the very odd final sum indicates a protracted “discussion period” between the parties. The deal obviously was eventually done, but when it comes time to buy or sell your own house, you might consider not fighting over every last penny – assuming your object is to actually sell, or buy, a particular house, losing that focus and concentrating instead on “the deal” can cause you to fail. We’re not all Donald Trump here nor, when it comes to a personal residence, should you try to be. Do you really want to blow things up for $250?

Over on the Byram waterfront, 125 Byram Road sold for $4.150 million, 400+ days after starting at $7.5 million. Looking at the discrepancy between ask and get, one might ask why the sellers put themselves to so much inconvenience by sticking their property with a ridiculous price.


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Question for Drew Marzullo

The poor lady struck by a bus yesterday was transported to Stamford Hospital although Greenwich Hospital was 50 yards away. Is this because of some state division of labor for trauma centers or is there some other reason?
Just asking, and I figure you’ll have the answer.

UPDATE: Various commentators explain that there is a reason for this (Stamford has a higher-rated trauma center with specialists on duty 24 hours a day instead of merely being “on call”, presumably more high-tech equipment, etc.). I really was just curious, and not suggesting that our ambulance crews were secret Saudi sympathasizers supporting their leaders by driving long distances and wasting gas.


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See what happens when you’re spending other people’s money AND you can print as much of it as you like?



Sartorial Improvement Conference – Las Vegas, 2012

USDA spent (at least) $55 million past four years sending their employees – and yours, buster –  to conferences around the world and ($57,000) across town. No word whether they were taught civility but it’s obvious these farm workers are acting like pigs.

Makes Peter Tesei’s attempt at wasting money look positively niggardly.


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