Gotta love it

It’s September 25th, the election’s just around the corner and Liawatha Warren is still forced to waste her time and other people’s money defending her phony Indianess claim. Now if only we can get Harry Reid to start denying his rumored penchant for pederasty, we’re set.


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  1. Wednesday, October 3

    By my calculations, you should hit the 10 million hit mark in 7.8 days. I have a few questions:

    Is the party at the J?
    Can we pee in the lobby?
    Are you giving out gift bags like they do at the Oscars?
    Is it Dutch Treat? (uh, oh, I’m not supposed to use that term)
    Will Frank be handing out winning lottery tickets?
    Can you ask Gideon to wear his natty double-breasted blue blazer?
    Can we pop wheelies and do donuts in your new truck?
    May we Skinny-dip at Tod’s Beach for the after-party?

  2. AJ

    The fact that she thinks she was an indian is neither here nor there because it is plausible that she was handed down a faux family history. The fact that she represented major corporations to screw employees out of what was due them is an entirely different matter that makes her whole self-proclaimed raison d’être a bald-faced lie. Kind of reminds me of Obama’s position of GMOs: Meet Monsanto’s number one lobbyist: Barack Obama

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    Political correctness, and the criminalization of free of speech, will be the end of this country as we know it. I shit you not. And it is all around us. The Frogs want to ban the use of the words Mother and Father, in all state documents, as a sign of support for gay marriages:

    What do the gays call themselves in a same sex union? If it is two dudes, are they both Daddies? I would think not. The kids probably won’t understand pitcher and catcher until they are older, right, and do they ever really want to know that? I think not.

    So why can’t they call themselves whatever the frig they want, and leave Mommy and Daddy out of it? Muffin and Biff? Carpet and Muncher? WHO CARES!!

    We are using words and rhetoric to AVOID dealing with the issues. The towel heads were NOT enraged over a schlock movie trailer no one saw. It was a pre-planned terrorist attack. Anyone who thinks otherwise deserves an exsibilation.

    We will turn into a humorless society, where views cannot be expressed, hurting someones feelings is against the law, and differences in human beings is detested rather than celebrated. And we will pretend to all be the same, all the time. Even though that can never be true.

    Which dooms us all to sink to the low water mark, rather than aspire to the high water mark. What kind of plan is that? That is not utopia. It is hell. THAT IS OUR PLAN???? Can’t someone come up with a better bad idea?


    Your Pal,

  4. Anonymous

    Mock her all you want, but that doesn’t change the fact that Warren is killing Brown in the polls up there. The people’s republic of Massasschusetts will never change. Scott Brown was just a flash in the pan. Good-bye to him, hello to his Cherokee-woman successor and brace yourselves for her Indian war hoops!

  5. Inagua

    She is a shameless liar. She listed herself as Native American in the Law professors directory as a job availability advertisment. And it worked. Minority set asides got her first to Penn and then to Harvard. And now she is practicing law without a license. She is not currently licensed by any state, which is a requirement to practice in any federal court.