Light blogging, busy real estate

28 Meadow Drive (with garage)

Which, after all, is sort of how I try to make a living, so this is all good. Anyway, I won’t write about the house I was showing this morning, naturally, because I’d prefer to sell it than tell you about it (now), and there wasn’t much excitement on the open house tour, so we’ll skip right to sales – there are three reported so far.

28 Meadow Drive, Cos Cob, asked $799,999, got $799,000 so there’s your floor for basic Cos Cob shelter these days, I guess. The listing describes it as a “contemporary gem” but the agent must have mixed up its pictures because the ones she posted show a tired old balloon frame house with a 1993 kitchen which I suppose was indeed contemporary 20 years ago, if Sears could be accused of selling contemporary cupboards. Perfectly nice-looking house, though, for this price.

35 Midbrook Drive in the Laddin’s Rock neighborhood of Old Greenwich asked $1.475 million and sold for $1,394,250. The sellers paid $1.369 in 2011, so they made out well. As an observation, and one made with absolutely no knowledge of what transpired during negotiations here, the very odd final sum indicates a protracted “discussion period” between the parties. The deal obviously was eventually done, but when it comes time to buy or sell your own house, you might consider not fighting over every last penny – assuming your object is to actually sell, or buy, a particular house, losing that focus and concentrating instead on “the deal” can cause you to fail. We’re not all Donald Trump here nor, when it comes to a personal residence, should you try to be. Do you really want to blow things up for $250?

Over on the Byram waterfront, 125 Byram Road sold for $4.150 million, 400+ days after starting at $7.5 million. Looking at the discrepancy between ask and get, one might ask why the sellers put themselves to so much inconvenience by sticking their property with a ridiculous price.


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10 responses to “Light blogging, busy real estate

  1. cos cobber

    Huh, and yet people think you cant live ‘fabulous’ in cos cob.

  2. first time buyer

    The midbrook drive seller paid %5 broker commish (about 70,000) so they didn’t make out so well. Profit on sale was 25,250, so they are out about 45,000 in just one year. Sure they had a roof over their head but they paid for that with monthly mortgage,maintenance and property taxes. My handle is so apt….

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    Well it is nice to hear the dirt market is percolating. What do you attribute it to?

    So while I am glad you are busy, you are missing some great news. Like this story on Texas school girl paddling:

    Do we have a paid school girl paddling job in Greenwich? I will do it for free, and I have a resume in this regards second to none!!

    And this little gem. Victoria Secrets has to kill a new “Go East” campaign after sexy little Geisha outfits are deemed “racist”. WTF is racist about this?

    Liking chicks dressed as geisha’s is a racist bad thing? HOW!! I don’t even think it is sexist. I will put on a ninja costume if it makes the hotties happy.

    Tons of political news, including Fauxahontis going all in on the Cherokee claim. The woman has no shame. And Barry on the View and at the U.N.

    E-mail me some admin credentials and I will back stop you while you actually do some work.
    Your Pal,

  4. Another Reader

    I love your sense of humor with the photo for 28 Meadow Drive. Then I noticed it’s actually among the photos in the listing! Perhaps the original photographer was too lazy to move the toy house out of the way. It’s a distraction.
    By the way, the other house is on Byram Shore Road, not Byram Road. Two different streets! Although I’m sure the Byram Road residents would love to have a $7 million house on their road.

  5. Anonymous

    There’s an absolutely beautiful $1.1MM house for sale on Byram Terrace. Not sure if it’s worth that, but that’s the ask. For now. Check out the listing photos.

    Byram: it’s what’s for dinner.

  6. AJ

    Speaking of the Donald, does Ivana still own that place next to the old Commodore Benedict place?

  7. AJ

    Raw sewage in the creek? Time to get out your snorkel, mask and fins, and go spear fishing. If only I were there to take a deep breath: I’m sure it would bring back a rush of memories of growing up on the creek and the ripe night air. Watch out for bull sharks.

  8. GreenITCH

    Hmmm well FT buyer i guess id depends how u do the math …so net lost .$45 000 @ 12 months comes ot $ 3750 + $ 750 month ( tax and insurance ) … maintenance $ 500 ( ? ) … comes to $ 5000 month equivalent rental ? Ill leave that to CF but i have to imagine rental mkt tight as FT buyers on hold and the towns ever increasing Ex Pat population …. that said … appears Zillow had this one wrong as well … that is somewhat refreshing to see houses selling above their Zestimate !