Slow days in real estate, again

I’m quite busy, but I’m just (oh so) special, so don’t base your judgment of the state of the market on me.

Nothing much to report in accepted offers, with nothing asking more than $1.8 million and that one, 8 Alpine, is the bank sale discussed below. One sale: 21 Woodside, in Milbrook, $1.350 million. Very much not my cup of tea (neither is Milbrook, for that matter, but many people like it) because it’s a teardown on a rocky hillside, but at 0.67 acres (29,000 square feet) in the R-20 zone, it’s a building lot large enough to accommodate a 6,000 sq.ft. house and someone wanted it.


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2 responses to “Slow days in real estate, again

  1. anon

    Looks like The Donald is busy in real estate too. Look at the deal he got in Charlottesville, VA and look what a hosing the banks took.

  2. Anonymous

    @anon, it’s a fascinating story especially because Patricia Kluge has known The Donald since she was in her 20’s.

    Google either Patricia Kluge or Albermarle House and look for links that take you to the local blogs/newspapers. Most seem to start with “c-ville” although one paper is called the Post Dispatch.

    This has been a slow moving train wreck since before the 2007-2008 crash.