Fall market? What fall market?

Try, try again

I’m busy tossing bids around and I know other agents are too, so there will be some activity to report soon I have no doubt, but not enough to offset the lethargic pace of this past month. Once again, there is nothing of note to comment on today. One house that’s back, 44 Brookridge, is perhaps of interest, if only because it demonstrates the resilience of hope. Built in 2008 and priced at $7.499 it never sold despite being dropped a whopping $600,000, to $6.9 million, later that year. It was rented out sometime after that and now it’s been returned to the market at $5.995.

Samuel Johnson described a second marriage as “the triumph of hope over experience”. He would have enjoyed observing the Greenwich real estate market.


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7 responses to “Fall market? What fall market?

  1. A vote for Obama in 2008 was a triumph of hope over experience.

    This year, people will be voting for Obama based once again on hope, but over their own experience of the last 4 years.

  2. Anon

    I looked at 44 Brookridge and the renter told us the house has many problems and the owner is very odd. Just a fair warning. Otherwise, the house was very well proportioned and there were some unfinished areas.

  3. Rivman

    I notice the kitchen is empty of china and cookware. Does the tenant eat out a lot or does no one live there?

  4. Anonymous

    What a great home and location – UNFURNISHED or STAGED the home is beautiful! The property is being represented by an excellent realtor and the renters can have any opinion based on their OWN personal experience – what if they are the weird ones?