Feds arrest California man for blaspheming Mohammed

“Probation violation” – the arrest comes two days after Democrat Barry Hussein Obama decreed punishment for all who slander “The Prophet of Islam”. Waiting for liberal outrage over this development? Don’t bother. Muslims, after all, hate America almost as much as they do, and an enemy of my enemy is my friend.


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12 responses to “Feds arrest California man for blaspheming Mohammed

  1. Walt

    Dude –
    This really is frightening. It is a full frontal assault on the right to free speech. And Barry cowering to his Muslim brothers. And the US showing weakness when we need to show strength.

    As you know, I value freedom of speech as one of our most important rights, and key to maintaining a free, democratic society. You illiterate, dirty WASP dummy bastard.

    There is no longer an unbiased free press. Their unabashed bias towards Obama would be funny, if it wasn’t such a threat against democracy, and against all the founding Fathers believed in.

    People bash Christianity, Caucasians, Jews, Midgets, Blondes, Fatties, and everyone else, except blacks and Muslims. Why is that? NO ONE MAKES FUN OF OBAMA. It’s extraordinary. He is a protected class. Which is against all we stand for.

    Anyhows, you know I am only kidding, right? I don’t think you are really an illiterate, dirty WASP dummy bastard. You are at best half of that! You loser.
    Your Pal,

  2. Inagua

    Barack Obama and Eric Holder understand that violating parole by using the internet and a false name withourt prior approval is a serious offense; it is not a minor matter like lying under oath about sex.

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    And another thing!! Where does it say you have a God given or Constitutional right to not be offended? Or not have your little pansy ass feelings hurt? Where? WHERE!!

    Shouldn’t the towel heads have more problems with the atheists, who believe in NO God? They want to cut people’s HEADS OFF because of cartoons and shitty movies? And Barry doesn’t seem to have a problem with this? And the Libtards don’t see the INSANITY of this? It is frightening.

    But, ok then. I think I deserve the same rights as the Slums. We have to treat everybody the same, right? So here are some of the things that offend me that I want the right to ban.

    Granny Panties – on all hotties under 40 and 135 pounds, depending on height. It offends my religion if they don’t go baldy and commando. Maybe G-strings, but the rest are prohibited based on Waltaria Law.

    Flats – Less than 5” stilettos requires a lashing. And this will make the chubbies lose weight. Sorry Dude. I know you like them. The chubbies not the stilettos.

    Jerry Lewis – He has to go, and all his movies removed from the planet.

    False Idols – that would be Pamela Anderson, Kim Kardashian and their ilk.

    Anyhows, I have a lot more that pisses me off, but you get my point. And if you boil it down, this is EXACTLY what the camel jockeys are asking for. They are a 7th century group of savages trying to change the 21st century. And we are actually entertaining it!!

    You can’t make this stuff up. This may be a new treatment idea. Let me noodle it some more.
    Your Pal,

  4. Inagua

    Thanks, Chris. I had forgotten that. If this guy had made a trailer about Jesus doing a donkey, the ACLU and the entire Left would be defending his free speech rights and probably trying to get him a federal artist grant as well.

  5. Anonymous2

    C’mon Walt, Barry had to arrest someone to justify the $1.4 billion he’s said to have cost us tax paying mugs last year.

    Value for money, yes?


  6. AJ

    This is just a case of another guy set up to be a false flag patsy. Separation from computer is a cruel and unusual punishishment.

  7. This really, REALLY scary stuff. For our President to threaten us with monitoring what we say and then finding some unrelated federal charge to circumvent the issue of free speech to silence that voice ….. SCARY!

    As to slandering the Prophet ….
    Definition of slander: “…the utterance of false charges or misrepresentations which defame and damage another’s reputation “.
    By definition then, wouldn’t all atheists have to be “punished”? What could be more slanderous (damaging to the reputation) than denying the very existence.
    Just asking the laywer …..

  8. CatoRenasci

    But, one of the essential elements of slander (and libel) is that the statements be false. As far as I can tell everything negative written or said about Mahomet (or however one wishes to spell his name) is true.

  9. Peg

    It appears that the bulk of liberals are only worried about our civil liberties when we have a Republican administration:


    Walt’s “this is really frightening” letter above is right on. I’m afraid to even ponder what 4 more years of this guy and his minions will do to our nation.