Look for Romney’s dog stories to resurface


Don’t you want to discuss unemployment?

GDP “grew” at 1.3% last month (historical average is 3.2%), durable goods orders fell 13%. The bright news for Obama?  New unemployment claims were just 360,000 instead of the 375,000 predicted by economists. War on Women, Mitt doesn’t like dogs and Rush Limbaugh doesn’t believe a 30-year-old law student is entitled to free, $10-a-month birth control pills: these are all stories we can expect the media to focus on this week – anything but ask its hero about his dismal performance in office.


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5 responses to “Look for Romney’s dog stories to resurface

  1. anon

    add Immigration and Voter ID laws to the list of stories the mainstream media will spin. hold on, it’s going to be a dizzying 40 days and nights.

  2. dogwalker

    Oh, they have never gone away. Letterman has a Romney dog joke almost every night. And, of course, there is the “I Ride Inside” campaign by dogsagainstromney.com.

    I must confess the dog has a “Bark Obama for President” button. . . . She’s entitled to her political views.

  3. Balzac

    Let’s hope and pray Romney wins. If he does, the startling fact will be this: that American voters had the intelligence, the independent-mindedness, and the determination to take an action contrary to the instructions provided by the major media.

  4. Anonymous

    You must have missed this piece of propaganda posted at Bloomberg last night: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-09-27/payroll-revisions-signal-economy-has-created-jobs-under-obama.html

    More jobs have been created than lost since O took office according to recently revised figures. 🙄

    • Trouble is the economy needs something like 250,000 new jobs each month just to hold the employment rate steady, and Obama hasn’t come close to that in any month in the past four years. “It could be worse” is hardly an inspiring reelection campaign slogan, hence the media’s focus on Mitt’s dog.