Hussein Obama announces search for artist to create “Piss Mohammed” art work, to be displayed at National Gallery

Oh so brave

The NEA (taxpayer) funded “Christ in Piss” display has returned to New York City after a twenty-year tour around our country, a tour that sparked outrage and riots throughout the land, and Obama wants to balance things out. “My critics have claimed that I’m a spineless coward,” the leader of the free world said in announcing his new idea, “for apologizing to Mussulmen because our impiousness caused them to murder our ambassador and destroy our embassies, and because I use my Department of Justice to crush those who dare blaspheme Mohammed, and they’re right, of course. But I’m more, much more than that, and to prove it, I’ve directed our National Endowment for the Arts to find and fund an artist to create an identical ‘art work’ depicting Mohammed soaking in urine and chowing down on a rasher of bacon”. We haven’t found anyone on the left who’ll actually do that so we’re shifting our search to the libertarian side of the political spectrum. Someone out there must want our cash.”

Chris Stevens was unavailable for comment.

UPDATE: Here are some suggestions for the installation:


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9 responses to “Hussein Obama announces search for artist to create “Piss Mohammed” art work, to be displayed at National Gallery

  1. Walt

    Dude –
    Isn’t it unbelievable how people get all worked up over this shiite? Who really CAIRS? We all should have known this was going to happen sunni or later.
    I wonder if the guy is even making any money off of the movie, or is it a non-prophet? You figure there mosque be a reason behind all this, right?

    I felt I jihad to go and say this. That is allah you need to know.

    Lunch today? I could go for a salam and swiss on rye.
    Your Pal,

  2. Anonymous

    The awesome dynamic of the Walt CF correspondence.

  3. Al Dente

    Is it discourse, or intercourse?

  4. AJ

    Rasher of bacon? I have not seen those words since the last time I looked at an IHOP menu — I believe it’s French for we ain’t telling you how many slices you’re getting. Is that one over on Summer Street still there?

  5. AJ

    I believe Robert Mapplethorpe was another case of taxpayer funded (homoerotic) “art”. Then there was the case of Rudi Guiliani vs. the Brooklyn Museum of Art. The Mohammed movie may be a case of free speech, but in that case it’s free speech in attempt to incite a riot.

  6. AJ

    Cobra, did you notice the price? $177,000 for a stiff, lifeless painting, or should I say illustration. Looks like it was done in gouache (opague water color).

  7. Hi THERE!
    I painted that stiff lifeless piece of art- out of devotion to Jesus.
    sorry you didn’t take the time to view my entire body of work.
    Francis Schaeffer (who is umpteen times wiser than you and me and about eight other people put together) warns against judging an artist by one piece of their entire body of work.
    He also advises that we learn to appreciate (even if we don’t necessarily LIKE) all art work as it is an expression of God’s creativity at work in man….
    P.S.when piss christ was paid for by our tax dollars I complained to my senator. hope you did.