Matt Damon’s anti-fracking movie subsidized by Dubai

Matt Damon, camel jockey

Hmm – why would an oil exporter like Dubai want to help a retard speak against a competing source of fuel? Should Damon register as a foreign lobbyist? Eric Holder is investigating, doubtless.


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6 responses to “Matt Damon’s anti-fracking movie subsidized by Dubai

  1. NRA

    Damon’s best role was in the film “Team America.”

  2. Just_looking

    I have said it before, and I will repeat this. Cracking will definitely fvck up out water supply and will require an enormous amount of federal money to repair. Tis will not happen for years, and in that time people will use lower gas prices to waste the savings somewhere else, a small group of frackers will reap an enormous wind fall. Then the shtt will hit the fan, and another bailout will be in the making.
    I never pictured myself as another duller bill, but i must sound like one. However, government is necessary at time to protect out nation and that includes its water supply.

    • So far, science is against you but Robert Kennedy’s on board. Funny how “the science is settled” global warming types resume a skeptical attitude about science when they don’t like the result.
      Nothing wrong with skepticism – I’ve been known to indulge in it myself- but why not apply it in all of life?

  3. Anonymous

    Anyone with half a brain is against fracking.

    Does anyone that is not brainwashed and clinically speaking retarded, believe that big oil has the public’s best interest at heart.

    I’ve met Matt Damon, you’re no Matt Damon CF.

    • We already have a pet idiot for our official comment page, Anon and you are, to coin a phrase, no Dollar Bill. But unlike Bill and his shallow, bumper sticker form of argument, you do have this – you can make a great argument, even unwittingly. Anyone with half a brain is indeed against tracking, as you, Dollar Bill and Matt Damon so eloquently demonstrate. Anyone with the full mental capacity God designed for us is for tracking.
      So you make a good point but alas, unless you can improve your style of arguing I’m afraid your space is already occupied by the Designated Intellectual of the Greenwich Democratic Party.

  4. Just_looking

    There is no real science that supports this, only history as in “we frack deeper than water” and “it hasn’t been a problem, yet”.
    The science that you may consider using is the science of human behavior since this is what will cause the problem. Greedy people will drive the process and The drilling will become more aggressive until a breach occurs.
    At the same time no money will be put aside to offset an issue that arises, and the drillers, properly structured, will simply fold with no assets let to be sued.
    At a minimum a fee should be implemented and put aside for when that day comes, but of course the government cannot be trusted with that money and would steal it for some other cause, leaving us all exposed again.