Three sales, one accepted offer reported

42 Will Merry Lane

42 Will Merry Lane, $1.990 million on original asking price of $2.850 – oops! I liked this house and at this price, someone got an excellent buy. I’d thought it might sell for $2.1 – $2.3 million but perhaps that original price was so high that it drove the ultimate selling price down. It happens, even though it’s impossible to measure.

A case in point might be 22 Pilot Rock, which sold today for $6.2 million after coming on the market oh-so-long-ago in 2009 at $12.5 million. This is one of the prettiest waterfront views in Riverside and I’d have thought it should have gone for more. But Bridal Path, down the street, also sold in the low $6’s. Regardless, it sure wasn’t worth $12.5. So it goes.

21 Roosevelt Avenue in Old Greenwich sold for $1.860 million, asked $2.495 in 2006 and subsequently rented out when it didn’t sell. Awfully small, okay street.

12 Druid Lane

12 Druid Lane in Riverside reports an accepted offer, asking $2.995 from $3.295 originally. This house asked $3.695 when it was newly built in 2007 but only fetched $2.825 when it finally sold in 2008. I’d guess it’s going for just a bit more than that 2008 price, but we won’t know until it closes and the sales price is disclosed.


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5 responses to “Three sales, one accepted offer reported

  1. Out Looking In


    I saw 42 Will Merry the day it hit the market, and was very interested in the property. I thought $2.4mm or less was right, but the clients/realtor felt strongly that the initial pricing was going to happen quickly…oops…the 20 ft high rock in the backyard that abutted the foundation definitely hurt this house, along with the echoes of the Merritt hum that bounced off of it. But is was a very nice house and an excellent buy under $2.2mm. Mid/back country continues to sing the falling home price blues…

  2. GeorgeCrosley

    Was “Bridal” Path named for its popularity as a place for wedding processions? Maybe you mean “Bridle” Path. I thought you knew Riverside.

  3. AJ

    T’was from ye days of old when you could lead your wife around by a ring through her nose. And it was the legend of John Wayne Bobbitt that put an end to all that.

  4. Anonymous

    42 Will Merry does like nice for $2 MM, good trade for somebody.