Triumph of the savages

Leader of the Free World

One day after an (unveiled) Egyptian moslem defaced anti-islamic subway poster, New York Transit Authority reverses itself and bans anti-islamic advertisements. President Obama joined Hillary Clinton in apologizing to the offended moslem and promised to sic the DOJ on the group responsible for buying ad space to begin with.

If I spray paint a mosque, will they ban mosques? I’ll try it and see.


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6 responses to “Triumph of the savages

  1. Libertarian Advocate

    Gee, doesn’t that smell an awful lot like Mike Bloomturd’s cologne lingering in the air?

  2. AJ

    Advetising space is not protected by free speech. Anyone selling advertising space or time has the right to decide what’s appropriate to be shown on their outlet.

  3. Libertarian Advocate

    Way off topic, but this a love peck for Dullard Bill:

  4. The Won

    Appeasement. It’s what’s on the menu for four more years…should we all live so long.

  5. Anonymous

    Patrick Murphy must have some Kennedy blood in him