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Live blogging from the party

Looks promising from a fund raising perspective so far- mine’s the only pickup truck, and I’m the freeloader. Secret Service guy told me there’d been one Prius spotted but I alerted him that that undoubtedly belonged to a Democrat trouble maker.

6:10 haven’t sold a single house yet- this may not be the deal I thought It would be, even with the discounted ticket. Maybe I can interest Paul Ryan in a house up here if he loses the election (just heard motorcade arrive- I’ll go try)

7:10 Tackled by his bodyguards, but I did get one of those Sotheby’s color brochures (with my ID pasted over Gideon’s picture) under the windshield wiper- maybe the limo driver wants a house in Cos Cob ?
Congressman Ryan ( that’s how they refer to him here in the tent so why not?) spoke forcefully and well, laying out the issues – the Biden/Ryan debate is going to be a hoot. Dont bring popcorn, you’ll choke on it.


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Democrats: We’ve got Romney exactly where we want him

“Romney will win the debate”, says chief Dem honcho. Not a strategy that sounds like a winner to this free thinker but by the time Obama’s press lackeys soften up their viewership to expect practically nothing from their champion, it will all make sense.


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It’s Chicago politics – that can be arranged

Si, Senior Damon – you tell Barry I’m counting on him!

Hugo Chavez – “I’d vote for Obama – he’s a good guy. And he’d probably vote for me.”

No argument here, Hugo, I’m sure you’re right on both counts.

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White Trash for Obama

Ambassador to Libya assassinated” He probably had it coming.


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Second thoughts

Asness Acres

I was all set to head up to my usual haunts up at Conyers Farm this evening to greet Paul Ryan and spread my wealth, charm and good looks around the otherwise-undeseving little people, but I’ve been given pause by the real estate experts at Trulia. I had imagined that an estate on Conyers Farm would be magnificent and could provide some interesting grist for the blog mill, but Trulia values the place at just $2.8 million and who needs to drive so far north for that? Might just as well do a drive-by through Cos Cob and call it an evening. Still, my adoring public does expect an appearance so … sigh.


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Some people who don’t want their car washed by students just drive on by

A reader sends in this photo of our police shutting down the High School Soccer Team’s car wash solicitation today. The police arrived, the reader reports, just five minutes after our First Selectman drove by and spurned their offer. Did he complain or was the timing coincidental? We report, you decide. Odd allocation of police resources either way, seems to me.


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