Second thoughts

Asness Acres

I was all set to head up to my usual haunts up at Conyers Farm this evening to greet Paul Ryan and spread my wealth, charm and good looks around the otherwise-undeseving little people, but I’ve been given pause by the real estate experts at Trulia. I had imagined that an estate on Conyers Farm would be magnificent and could provide some interesting grist for the blog mill, but Trulia values the place at just $2.8 million and who needs to drive so far north for that? Might just as well do a drive-by through Cos Cob and call it an evening. Still, my adoring public does expect an appearance so … sigh.


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  1. Backcountry

    Trulia shows the land purchase in 2005 for $14.6M, and a new 7 bedroom house built starting in 2010, and comes up with a $2.8M value. Interesting math.