Some people who don’t want their car washed by students just drive on by

A reader sends in this photo of our police shutting down the High School Soccer Team’s car wash solicitation today. The police arrived, the reader reports, just five minutes after our First Selectman drove by and spurned their offer. Did he complain or was the timing coincidental? We report, you decide. Odd allocation of police resources either way, seems to me.


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20 responses to “Some people who don’t want their car washed by students just drive on by

  1. Westchesterer

    The thugerment strikes again. What a bunch of thugs. I hope these kids grow up to despise their own Government.

  2. Hu Nhu?

    Let this be a lesson to them. Comp the First Selectman, problem solved.

  3. AJ

    At least they didn’t get arrested or fined $500 which seems to be the standard proceedure for dealing with kids who set up lemonaid stands these days.

  4. GPD Folk

    I’m pretty sure that the soccer team jumping out in front of Post Rd traffic had something to do with it.

  5. Anonymous

    [bad verb here] the police these kids are harmless

    • Harmless to others, sure (someone tell Tesei that) but if they were jumping into traffic and got run over, I’m sure their mommies would complain that the cops should have saved them from their own stupidity.

  6. anon

    I was there when the kids were soliciting (selling cookies by the way, not a car wash), I was there when Tesei drove by and turned the corner from the Post Road onto Indian Field, and I was there when the cop came. Were the kids making a racket with their signs and shouts? Yes. Was it annoying? Yes. Were they “jumping out in front of Post Road traffic,” thus a safety issue? No. Is it nice to exaggerate the actions of the “perpetrators” to justify the over reaction of the authorities? No. In fact it’s more of a threat to society than annoying kids are.

  7. GPD Folk

    Anon, no need for exaggeration on this one……there was a bake sale taking place in the driveway of Splash Car Wash in conjunction with the car wash itself, everything was fine until the kids entered onto the roadway and began to solicit baked goods to cars stopped at traffic lights , when they were asked to stop doing that they did and the car wash went on.

    • I think we have fine story shaping up without your being such a wet blanket, GPD Folk, thank you very much. Now, is it true that Tesei exited his car with his Uzi only after he missed them with his Hummer?

  8. anon

    GPD Folk, as my 16 year old would say, “Nice story, bro.

  9. Anonymous

    Come on freddie! what did you do now?

  10. Anonymous

    As a member of the GHS Varsity soccer team I find it very appalling that First Selectman Tesei would have the bake sale shut down when his own nephew was also a participant as he is a member of the program

  11. Anonymous#2

    I’d be curious to know if the same complaints would be posted if it were girls in wet t-shirts selling baked goods rather than boys.

  12. GPD Folk

    No Chris he doesn’t drive a Hummer but you are correct he did miss them! And I agree the truth is not much fun I like yours and Anon’s version better.

  13. Thugster


  14. Anonymous

    Oh ya and this went on later in the day and there were no complaints when the girls varsity team came out later

  15. Anonymous

    Who honestly cares enough to make a bake sale such a big deal. They were selling cookies. It was not out of hand in the slightest. And it was a boys and girls soccer team bake sale so whoever left the strange comment was misinformed… Anyway, this is the most pointless thing posted in the paper I have ever seen.

  16. Trotskei

    As George Orwell said in 1984, ““He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.” Officer GPD doesn’t deny Tesei called the fuzz on the kids, which is checkable anyway as a matter of public record. He introduces an uncorroborated assertion of danger to deflect blame from an annoyed passerby with unusual powers. He says the members of the GHS soccer team were “jumping in front of traffic.” Colorful, but as an eyewitness, that is not what the students were doing. There was no jumping in front of moving vehicles. No screeching of tires. No skid marks on the pavement. Thats not version of a story, those are facts. And you are right, Chris… if the kids were causing a public safety issue putting themselves or others at risk, more than one lone cop would have shown up.