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Sale, new listing (new broker, anyway)

16 Brookside Park, July contract, sold for $3.070 million. I’d always liked this house but buyers didn’t. It sold for $4.3 million in 1999 and had a ton of renovation work accomplished but when these owners tried getting $5.3 million for it in 2011 no one bit – until it hit $3. I think the buyers did well here, with 2.5 acres so close to town and a unique, quirky house.

And 59 Upland is back, priced at $3.295. It last sold in 2007 for $3.6 million so obviously the owners have heard that something happened to the market since then. Question is, is $300,000 sufficient acknowledgment of that market shift? We’ll find out.

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No point in blogging right now.

WordPress isn’t recognizing links nor letting me reply to comments – I’ll try again later.


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It never ends

Got a half-assed internet connection working but now the links feature on WordPress isn’t cooperating. So here are some sales, with the link to their listing information to come later.

45 Lakewood XCircle North,  one acre with a teardown, asked $1.895 million, got $1,652,500.

That’s not nearly the bargain the buyer got for those two acres of bank-owned land at 8 Alpine, which sold for $1.750. This parcel last sold for $2.995 in 2008, much to its buyer’s regret, I’m sure.

33 Ferncliff once asked $2.595 but after 408 DOM it sold for $1,743,750 (do you get the impression from all these odd numbers that negotiations are growing contentious? So do I.)

11 Grove Street, Cos Cob, sold  in a bidding war in 2005 for $841,000 (seller was asking $795,000) sold now for $720,000,

From  the price reduction menu, 54 Meadow Wood (Belle Haven) originally asked $7.1 million but now, three brokers and 1,526 days later, it’s down to $5.195. They keep this up, the sellers may actually get out from under their ownership, some day.

UPDATE: 24 Harthstone, land (with teardown) listed at $1.4 million seven days ago reports an accepted offer today. That makes at least six new homes now planned for this street and Bramble next door, each of which is going to have to sell in the high-threes to make sense at this land cost. I smell irrational exuberance.


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